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Bike Computers - HELP!

Thanks to everyone who has answered all my queries to date....very helpful indeed.

One further question: I am in need of a bike computer, nothing too expensive but one which can be used on a turbo trainer as well as outdoors, to monitor cadence, etc etc. There seems to be such a choice out there and I believe there are only certain types which can be used while on a turbo? Thanks in advance for any advice


  • transittransit Posts: 163
    I've just bought the CatEye Strada Cadence for Turbo use. I got it cos it said the leads were long enough to use on back wheel, therefore, turbo and I like the cadence function for turbo training drills.

    I haven't actually fitted it yet so I hope the leads are long enough!! Don't have any other recommendations but as this one states it is good for use on turbos and cat eye are reputable then that is good enough for me!!!
  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    have you thought about something like a garmin 305, you can get a cadence sensor so it will work on a turbo, although it won't give you a speed reading, you can then use it for running. it has ahrm built in and through amazon they're around the 100 squid mark with cadence senor. why do most of my posts and replies end up advertising garmin?????
  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    have you thought about a garmin 305, you can get a cadence sensor for it but it won't show speed, you've then got a running computer hrm and the facility to get really anal and download everything onto your computer to see how good you are.
  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    stupid modem tells you it's crashed and so you rewrite a post and it bl##dy sends it anyway, I HATE COMPUTERS unless its got my training data on it then i like computers.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Looks like you've just hit your HRmax (Computer) figure there, learner. I'm just cooling down from finding out that the latest auto-update for Windows kills your internet connection if you use ZoneAlarm as your firewall... [:@]

    Back to the 'proper' kind of computer... if all you are after, bustlungs, is the basics - and by this I mean current & average speed, current & average cadence, some timing functions and an overall distance reading then you have many choices. There's a test of 10 different computers in 220 this month, and to be honest I'd avoid them all if you're just looking for an intro into using a computer. The cheapest is £50 (though it was the winner) and you can get one that does the job for less than half that - though watch out for quality issues.

    Look out for any models that have particularly long wires for the speed sensor so you can stick the magnet/sensor combo on your back wheel instead of your front. Then you can use it on the turbo trainer. Or you could stump up the extra and go wireless - again, check the speed sensor has sufficient transmitter power to work from the back wheel.

    I spent about £20 on a Topeak 'puter in Halfords (yeah, I know) and after some reliability issues - like when they say the magnets can be miles away from the sensor don't trust them, put them within millimetres of each other - then it seems OK. I have the speed sensor on the front wheel, but I think the wire would be long enough to get to the rear... sorry, can't be bothered to check the wire length now since that would require me leaving the study, going down the hall, through two doors and tripping over all my kit in the garage before I even get to my bike... I'm having a rest night.

  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Hi bustlungs,

    I use a Boardman computer, got it from halfords £39 I think. It has shedloads of features, cadence, average cadence at the end of a ride, speed, ave speed, temp, etc.............. Great thing is its wireless so less clutter. The sensor sits on your chainstay and the usual magnets on the spokes and crankarm, and your away. Another plus is that you can mount it in your stem, so if you use aerobars youir not stuffed for a mounting point!! I use my garmin 305 for HR and usualy take that along aswell on long rides for a bit more info at end.
  • KiwiPaulKiwiPaul Posts: 46
    I recently upgraded to a Cateye Strada Wireless with Cadence (relatively new V2 model i think) - Nice and clear with the three essentials of speed, cadence & distance shown at once. Menu buttons easy to flip between the usual different sets of data. Too many functions I haven't used all yet but got it as I wanted wireless. Sits on chain stay so good for the turbo too. The best deal on internet I got was £69 delivered.

  • Wow! Thanks everyone. really good advice. I liked the look of the cateye strada...simplicity of setup as well as user friendliness are big considerations for me as I have no patience for technology! That boardman one looks interesting too though. I hadn't heard of this one before so thanks for the tips. I will have a look around at my options. Pay day is 2 weeks away so have a little while to make up my mind
  • transittransit Posts: 163

    Quick question, do I interpret correctly that the wireless strada transmits speed data wirelessly from the back wheel/chainstay so can be used on the turbo for both speed and cadence? Just wanna check cos I might get one for my lasses bike. Got a wired strada for turbo but discovered her computer has five functions and one of these isn't ride time!!! - useless!
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