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OW Swimming with foggles

BmanBman Posts: 442
Hi, im looking for any good suggestions. Im using relatively new aquasphere kaimans and I just cant get rid of the fog. Im using speedo anti-fog solution, spraying it on, leave it for a bit, rinsing off and leaving to dry. But after 5 min of swimming, they are all fogged up. This is the second pair of these to do this.

So im wondering if i should clean them with detergent to get all the old layers off, rinse properly and try again. Its a real worry cos I ended up having to swim the last third of the eton sprint on sat with the goggles off cos I kept veering off. Got the next race this weekend so dont feel like repeating that! Thanks.


  • JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    I use the aquasphere anti fog spray. I don't rinse it off though.
  • aoneill69aoneill69 Posts: 206
    I read somewhere to use Baby Shampoo couple of months back..it works a dream...pour on, rub about...leave for 10 mins, rinse off and allow to dry ....oh it's johnsons if you want a brand [;)]
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    My dad always told me to spit on them........ I think times have changed but I could be wrong
  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    I use a bit of spit on my goggles, has worked for years, even if it is seen as a bit disgusting. It was suggested by a dive instructor when I had a go 5 years ago. Spit into goggle, wipe around with finger, rinse out by dipping goggles in pool/sea/bowl of clean water.
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    thanks guys, so my plan of action is:

    1. Spray and leave anti-fog stuff on

    2. Try the baby shampoo

    3. Go back to the old spit and wipe technique.

    I'll report back when I find something that works. thanks.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    So do goggles tend to fog more in OW than in the pool?
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Thanks for that conehead, the plan has been updated to include "drown in spray" technique. We're gonna need a bigger bottle of spray!
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    cheers conehead. yeah thinking about it it makes sense.
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Ok so the experiment for tonights swim session is using Conehead's suggestions. Both of my pairs of fog-prone kaimans will be tried out, the first with "drown in spray", hold for 30sec, and dunk in water to get rid of excess and the second pair without the dunking afterwards. Who shall be victorious? Watch this space...
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Well, im sorry to report back I didnt have success with either way. The one that i had rinsed after spraying just fogged up straight away and the one with spray left in lasted a bit longer, so maybe its just the speedo spray isnt so good. Methinks I need to try the aquasphere one. Maybe its a cunning ploy by aquasphere and their goggles repel all sprays except their own.
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Conehead, youre not sponsored by aquasphere are you???
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    When you say pool goggles, whats the difference? You mean the "racing" ones with flat lenses? Ive got the aquasphere stuff wiggling its way to me asap I hope.
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