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Bouncy runner

BmanBman Posts: 442
I wouldn't worry too much about it. How you run can be pretty innate. Look at Paula Radcliffe for example, with her head wobbling. She went through a phase of trying to stop that, and it just made her slower. If there is something seriously wrong, that will manifest itself in inuries.

I'm trying to imagine what may be going on - if you are overstriding, or the opposite. What are your arms doing? Are they relaxed when you are running at marathon pace, or do they move a lot?

If upping your cadence makes you bounce less, then you may be overstriding.

Again, I wouldn't worry too much. A good training plan with a mix of speed work/intervals/endurance etc. As you get fitter strong, more experienced at long distance races, then you'll probably find that the "problem" disappears, or at least reduces.


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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    No, this thread has nothing to do with sports bras, sorry guys.

    My question to any running pro's is how to stop myself boucing while running. Apparently Im easy to spot in a race cos Im quite a bouncy runner. I reckon Im not as efficient as I could be and know running is where I could make the most time up while racing.

    Ive upped my cadence a bit which has helped but wondering if anyone knows of anything I could do or drills which might help.

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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hi Jack, thanks for the advice. My arms are pretty relaxed I think. Im planning on upping my speedwork over the next few weeks. I think you may be right about the overstriding, cos although Im bouncing, Im also a bit of a heelstriker. Also compounded with very inflexible arches and calves (no matter how much stretching I do), makes me get through most distances, but just not as fast as I know I could. Guess we could all say that though. ha!
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