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Turbo trainer DVD Advice

Hello Folks,

has anyone got any tips on which DVd's go well with turbo training? I have been looking at the spinervals series on the net but before I buy, thought I would seek advice.



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    lazycheflazychef Posts: 3
    Hi, I can reccomend the Carmicheal trainright "time trail" dvd that came bundled with my cycleops turbo trainer. It's a bit Americanised but if you can put up with the "good job" commentary then this is a good hard work out. Personaly I find Chris an afiable character that with his links to Armstrong is encouraging.

    Also the Rick kiddle "home training masterclass" that can be purchased quite cheaply is vey good.
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    Thanks for that. Will look them up. By the way...I tried out the trainer last night and it has left some black residue on the bar of the turbo as well as on the floor, presumably where the tyre has been spinning. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?
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