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Which "Spinnervals" DVDs do you recommend

Hi all. As a new boy to all things Tri I have read great things about the Spinnervals series of training DVDs to help with the Turbo sessions.

Having looked into them I have been overwhelmed by the selection and was hoping for you to voice which ones you would recommend? TFN are offering a deal on a purchase of 5 at the moment.

Looking forward to all your advice.


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    There are other options as well as the Carmichael DVD training series such as the ones available by www.endurancefilms.com
  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Sweating Buckets is a good 45 minute spin class.

    Tough Lough is a 3 hour session but you can just do the first 2 or so.

    Totally Time trial is ready to use as the season closes in.

    Agree with MG below - go buy....

  • MGMG Posts: 470
    AHH, Spinervals, winter turbo training!! I have three of these, No slackers 45min, time trial special 1hr and Have Mercy 2hrs. Iou ignore the homo-erotic titles these DVDs offer a very good workout and if done correctly and with a modicum of resistance set up on your turbo can be super tough.

    I would recommend all three of these DVDs as they have bought my cycling up to scratch (60min at london oly) this year and are a staple part of my winter and occasionaly summer training. Go buy...........

  • Competition 23.0 - Time Saver is pretty good too if you're just trying to squeeze a session in.

    They're just over 30 minutes but all high intensity.

    Workout 'A' - Technique: This 30 minute technique session includes one legged drill work and high cadence pedaling to maximize your leg speed and create better efficiency on the bike.

    Workout 'B' - Tempo/Time Trial (TT): Challenge yourself to maintain your maximum output above your anaerobic threshold during a set of leg burning 90 second reps.

    Workout 'C' - Sprint/Power: Develop explosive power output and sprinting speed with short bursts of maximum intensity.
  • If you are going to go for the 'bundle option' then I would look at purchasing a mix of high intensity DVD's and one or two of the base training sessions. Go for the compilations too as they bring together some of the best bits of various DVD's over the years. Have Mercy the Sequel and Aero Base Compilation for example

    My personal favourite (and I have quite a few in my collection now) is Ride & Stride. really effective, even if you do not do the treadmill option.
  • I did Spinervals 4 - Muscle Breakdown last night.

    45 minutes.

    It was tough! Those acceleration sets almost did for me! [:'(]
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