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Advice please- locks/security

As a newbie I am in the process of buying bits of gear that I will need. Haven't got a bike yet, but looking at some this weekend so hoping to be up and cycling next week.

I want to be able to lock my bike up at local pool to enable me to do a brick session (cycle to pool, swim, cycle home).

What locks do you use/recommend that are not too heavy and will not scratch my frame and what is the most secure way of using the lock- through rear wheel and frame??

Are there any other security measures I should take?


  • Just a note to say i too need a lock, have seen what look to be v.good ones on cyclestore.co.uk but look very heavy etc. Any advice from you seasoned experts would be very much appreciated.
  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    Most companies recommend you spend 10% of your bikes value on the lock. It may seem like a lot, but its cheaper than replacing the bike if it gets nicked!

    In terms of locks, go for a D-lock, these are by far the best (barring the very expensive chains locks) and are relatively easy to carry around and act as the best deterrent. I tend to lock my bike through the down tube and front wheel and then use a bendy lock to lock the back wheel to the frame (more as a deterrent). If you are really worried, then get 2 D-locks and use them for both wheels.
  • Thanks for your replies- I keep seeing kryptonite locks when searching. I had been looking at this option, seems a good price from ribble. My bike will be second hand, no more than £300 to start with. Will this do the job?


    Only problem is I will probbly end up filling up the basket to £50 with other stuff i'll convince myself i need to get the 10% off and free P&P [:D]

  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    As a newbie I am in the process of buying bits of gear that I will need

    Just wait until you are a 'serious' triathlete, then you can progress to buying loads of stuff you don't need. [:D]

    Do not underestimate the ability of scum to nick your pride and joy. A mate of my took his new MTB to the pool for his first ride, stuck a massive 'Oxford' unbreakable chain on it (round the wheels, frame, bike stand etc) right in front of the security cameras. Guess what? [:@]

    There really are little sh*t-bags out there who will go out with bolt croppers expressly to nick nice bikes. The only time my pride and joy is out of the garage it has a large angry bloke (me) sat on top of it. I wouldn't park my bike anywhere but in my locked garage or directly underneath my backside.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    I have a bloody great big thick cable lock, too big to attach to the bike when not in use - I have to carry it in my bag.

    However the bike only goes out training with me, or to work, where it's inside, or at home where again it's inside.

    If you're leaving it at the pool or gym, I'd go with the 10% of value suggestion - possibly a combination of a U lock and a cable lock, so you can lock both wheels as well as the frame.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Find out if there is a cycle friendly person on staff at the pool (only because they are more likely to be sympathetic) & ask if you can pop it in a lockable or visible from reception or by you room, if poss still secure it to something to be safe, but asking often gets a yes. I do agree tho' my race bike never gets left, I never take a lock with me then I won't leave it, if a shop keeper won't let me at least bring it in, I go spend my mars bar money somewhere else.
  • woodywoody Posts: 52
    how well do you know the staff at the pool. One of the staff at my local asked if i cycled down, and when i said no because of leaving it, they said I could take it inside and store it at the end of the pool, providing the bike was clean. Did that for 6 or 7 months last year, and no need for a lock, great, so try and make friends with a member of staff and then ask later in the year if you can leave it in reception or somewere highly visible by staff.
  • Good idea, thanks britspin and woody. I don't know the staff at all at the moment, but I intend on starting swimming lessons with them next week as I can only just about swim a length of front crawl at the moment!

    I will run to the pool for the first couple of weeks and then see if i can ask somebody about bringing my bike inside. The last thing i want is to be in the pool worrying if the bike will still be there when i get out!
  • woodywoody Posts: 52
    definition - great idea to learn to swim, wouldn't run to the pool though, just drive, it's hard work learning. Thats how I got to know the instructor at my pool who knew I cycled and after months of leaning to swim, asked if I cycled down, and suggested cycling down, so don't rush it. Obviously you live closer to the pool than I do if you intend running, but it will tire you out before the lessons, which you really should conserve you energy for at this stage.
  • I have had my bike for two years now and i've never locked it-i leave it outside shop/pool and used to leave at the back entrance of where i worked.... though suppose its different in the city's...
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