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MuddyFox Milano Triathlon - Thoughts Please

I've a limited budget (£300) and this one has caught my eye. Any thoughts


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    Is there supposed to be a link?
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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Looks ok to me. Muddyfox are more recognised as mountain bike builders. This bike seems to be equiped with the usual stuff (shimano sora 8sp, tektro brakes blah-de-blah...).

    If your budget is limited to £300 then this dosnt seem to be too bad. As you'll find out you dont need £2000+ worth of bike to be fast (it helps though[;)]). Make sure you get the right size frame though, buying online is convenient but can have its pitfalls. Some bikes may fit a 6feet tall bloke but may cripple another 6feet tall bloke, so, if you can, try before you buy.

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    On sale for £310 via amazon
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Seems most of use start with a bike thats around the 300 mark.

    Chain Reaction are selling a BeOne bike for 319 at the mo in the sale which was around 500 to start with. it might be worth a look.
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