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Massage at events

As a provider of Sports massage at a variety of events (Human race and Thames turbo) I want to know what people want so i can make the service better for you.

Please, lets try and avoid too much debate over cost, we all need to work and make money, but if this is a real burning issue then lets have a valuable discussion on the topic.

Do you want to pre-book, if so what is the best way?

What time duration do you require?

the Gazebo is pretty much our only option for the set up on the day! Is this off putting as a potential customer ??(my experience is that Triathletes dont care too much about random acts of nudity, but i may be wrong)

What else do we need to provide? Just think, the race is now over, happy or not about your performance, your body needs some help to recover....

Help us to help you.

The Physical FIX team.


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hi, can I ask what your current setup is? First come, first serve and queueing? If so, how long does it normally take to get a massage? If its not too long, I wouldnt mind just waiting, and dont see the need for booking. However, a 10-15min wait would mean I'd prefer to book. Gazebo sounds fine to me.
  • Our current set up is between 4 and 20 therapists under 2 - 10 gazebo's. People are invited to pre-book which gives them a time slot hat can be +/- 10 min (approx) and then they queue jump. Pre book clients can book a double session, those in the queue have to stick to single sessions unless we have the time.

    otherwise as people turn up they put their name on the waiting list and are told to be within shouting distance (and given an approx time) that way they can go and buy stuff from the retailers or check results etc...

    We do our best, but if we think we have it all sorted then we almost certainly have got it wrong, hence the asking for advice....

  • If my comments upset you then I appologise. You set out to be controversial and judging by the posts - it worked, some with you, a lot against. Perhaps a caviat that these are not your opinions would be helpful; as when on a forum it comes accross as your own opinions.

    Also I took note of a great deal of your posts and saw the humour coming through, perhaps my slightly warped sense of humour has been missguided as I am not in the habit of trying to cause offence - but as a new comer without all the gear - I felt bullied and looked down upon, hence i can see how some coments could be seen as a bit rash - i take this on board... if you say your aim was not to ailianate newcomers then I have missread your posts too....

    friends again conehead????


    The reason i wanted to have a go - is because i have watched so many and seen every shape and size compete and thought that maybe there was place for me too...

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