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Ironman training strategy?

I completed my first ironman in 2006, in approx 11hr20 min. Am now going for ironman uk this year. In 2006 i based my training plan upon a programme outlined the year before in 220 - the principle being 3 harder weeks, one easy, and then gradually increasing time/distance, before the taper?

I understand that another approach is to try and increase the distances/time sooner in the programme, and then drop have less frequent larger amounts, and more speed, power?

Does anyone have any advice on this?

My concern is not sure if body would cope with increasing volume that quickly, and secondly, should i stick with what i know?


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    al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    A few of us on the forum are following the BeIronfit program by Don Finks.

    This supports the 3 weeks followed by a lighter week philosophy. I'd stick with that.
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    The 3 week BUILD 1 week UNLOAD strategy was developed to allow the body to adapt to the training stimuli, and offer you (and your body), a little recovery time at the end of each build cycle.

    A rule of thumb for volume increases is between 10%-12% per week, with the reduction in volume in the UNLOAD week, being variable (I like to cut it by 30%-40%). Just be sure to keep the Intensity at the same level.

    There are a number of risks and pitfalls associated with trying to do "too much, to soon":

    [ol][*]Injury - Connective tissue (Tendons, Fascia, Bones) tend to take longer to adapt to stress than muscular tissue, so Tendonitis, Stress Fractures and other issues can arise[*]Over Training Syndrome (OTS) - you will find yourself tired, unmotivated, restless - not good ever, especially leading up to an Ironman.[*]The training adaptations you are looking from will not be realized because you will not be developing your bodies energy systems in a fashion that is conducive to seeing improvements in performance.

    [/ol]Stick with what you have achieved success with - refine the process, identify your areas of weakness and spend time improving them.

    This refining process will see you improve.

    Good luck

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    thanks for the response. your knowledge is much appreciated. i like the idea of refining the programmes - looking back there is alot of scope for that!

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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I think having one under your belt gives you the advantage of knowing what mistakes to avoid and what to do differently.

    I used the 3 on 1 off strategy to good effect but thats not to say its perfect or to paraphrase Grace Jones perfect for you.

    I had bench mark sessions that I did regularly in order to monitor progress but some times they became the focus of all my training! ie I forgot about the bigger picture

    Did you keep a training diary last time? If so look over it and see when things were good and otherwise.

    On reading this it probably throws up more questions than answers. I'd better sign off

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    have decided on the 3 and 1 approach. oh yes! the good old training diaries. Makes for very interesting reading! Hopefully, can improve on what have done previous!
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    Why not try out one of our intensive training weeks in the French Alps about 6 weeks prior to the event.

    take a look:



    Paul Morgan
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