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Best tri saddles

After having done half a dozen 4hr + rides on my new road bike, i have decided to change the saddle, as i am sure part of it is now part of me!

Are there any recommendations for the best tri saddle. I have looked at some reviews and the the san marco azoto tri titanium gel saddle seems to get good write ups.

I know saddles are very personal things, but any recommendations would be great!


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    GGGG Posts: 82
    Hi there,

    Im guessing/hoping you are using a normal pair of road shorts with a good chamois to start with for a longer ride [;)]

    I have a selle italia tri 2 saddle. I find it extremley comfortable... and its red.

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    ipay1980ipay1980 Posts: 84
    decent road shorts, and put some vas around the privates! am not sure in truth the benefit of chamois...does it stop the feeling that the saddle is part of your crotch when you get off the bike!

    thanks for the recommendation
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    GGGG Posts: 82
    See where your comming from.

    I once done 20 miles in a pair of rugby shorts, i felt truely voilated after that [:)]


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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    I have the San Marco Azoto Tri saddle and it is sooooo comfortable.

    I mainly race HIM upwards.

    I also have a Selle Italia Gel Flow Flite on my Training bike and have covered around 1500 miles on it and it is again really comfortable, I also raced on this saddle last year during the World Long Course Champs and that was 120km.....No probs with chaffing/sores/feeling the bike is actually attached internally via the seat post either:) and I was only wearing the crap GB trisuit with next to no padding!!!
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