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latest 220 issue?!?!?

Not yet but Triathlon PLUS came today. That'll keep me busy for all of a day. ;o)


  • ipay1980ipay1980 Posts: 84
    has anyone yet recieved the latest copy of 220 through the door!

    my mrs is now getting into tri, and is reading all my old ones, and has said that she is going to be first to read the new edition....not a chance! am now thinking she could be stashing it from me!

  • RockmonkeyRockmonkey Posts: 14
    Not yet, but it'll give something to do over the weekend as I'm sick [&:] so can't train Booo !
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Don't get it .. but got T+ and it looks like a good issue again from my quick flick through earlier - will give me something to do at work in the afternoon on Friday ;)

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