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After starting running two years ago and completing several marathons and ultra marathons I find myself drifting towards triathlon. Cycling is always something I did anyway as part of brick training. The swimming will be the only issue.

But what I am finding is this sport is a, a minefield and b, very exspensive. I have a limited budget. About £300 to spend on a bike and the rest I will have to buy as I go along. What bikes would you recommend for that price (I know it's not much) and what other essentials do I need to buy?

Thanks for your help



  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Hello Muff

    £300 is the amonut we all seem to be starting with for a bike.

    I posted the other day about a be One bike in the chain Reaction sale. It seems like a lot for the dosh. Its £319 and my friend has just bought the one up and its great. WW.chainreaction.com

    With regard to other esstentials then the skys the limit.

    When I first bought gear I got some Kaiman goggles, Orca Tri shorts cheap on Ebay. At the mo there are lots of last seasons kit cheap on the internet but sizing is different in all makes.
  • Hi Muffs, if you can push the boat out a little bit then try :-


    gives everything you need at the drop of the hat.....

    The "How much to spend on a bike?" question's are plastered all over the FORUMS with different ideas's, advise and demand's to buy Red Carbon rocket's....

    To some up what i've learned in my limited time amongst this lot is

    1. go visit your LBS and get them involved.

    2. utalise a cycle2work scheme if your employer has signed up to one.

    3. at some point you'll BUY CHEAP PAY TWICE!, as pretty soon you'll want better equipment etc etc so

    pushing the boat may save money in the long term.

    there are probably more tit bit's of advise to be gained buy trawling through all post's, but the above should give you a start
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I see they have changed the bike from the giant SCR.

    The package is good and the shop is well worth a visit. i live about half an hour from Yeovil so I find myself there sometimes.(kid in a candy shop comes to mind)
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