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Tips to getting tyre's on

Don't use tyre levers to put them on!

Put the tyre on to the rim - loose, just one side is on, if that makes sense.

Feed the tube in

Put a bit of air into the tube - not too much - enough to make sure it is OK.

Make sure it is nicely seated (i.e. not pinched, twisted etc.)

Then, starting at the opposite side to the valve, work the tyre on to the tube using both hands and your thumbs. Strong hands help!

It will get hard when you get to the last bit by the valve.

Keep an eye on things so that you don't pinch the tube.

If you really can't put the last bit of the tyre on, then use the levers for the last bit.

Go round the tyre checking for pinches, again.

Then inflate to full strength.

If you are replacing a puncture, check the tyre Inside and out for sharps - i.e. run your fingers round. If it hurts, then you've found it!


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    steved25steved25 Posts: 37
    Thanks Jack.

    The tyres seem far to tight to put on with tyre lever let alone without

    should i try to stretch the tyre?


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    steved25steved25 Posts: 37

    Morning all.

    This may seem like a silly post...

    I have bought some new tyres but to say i am having trouble getting them on would be a under statement.

    So far i have broken 3 tyre levers and pinched 6 tubes

    they are the the normal 700x23 tyres.

    Does anyone have any handy tips to getting them on before i invent any more swear words or spend all my savings on inner tubes.

    have a great weekend

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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Dumb question. You are sure they are the right size for the rims?

    It can be very hard to get them on... that way, they don't come off too easily!
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    steved25steved25 Posts: 37
    its not a dumb question especially if you knew me ;->

    But im sure it is the right size

    I will just keep working on it to loosen it


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    mikescotttmikescottt Posts: 48
    This tool is fantastic. tyre tool thingy
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    MGMG Posts: 470
    I agree, crank brothers speed lever is the way forward!!

    Some tyres are unbelievably tight to get onto the rim and levers are the only way.

    My Schwalbe Ultremos are an absolute B.I.T.C.H to get onto my carbon rims, if I tried to use just hand power I'd be A & E!!

    Also if you use the speed lever use a bit of spit on the edge of tyre and it goes on in seconds!!

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    sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    go on youtube and find a vid. Is it a turbo tyre?
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    starcherstarcher Posts: 126
    hey Steve

    I find putting washing up liquid on the rim and tyre helps but make sure you clean it all off before riding otherwise youll never stop.

    And if it happens during a race you can normall find a bit of small body glide somewhere about your person.

    Hope taht helps


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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    What tyres are you using?

    Could be because they are poor quality tyres?

    Was on Coneheads rookie day and this was the problem for me really struggled basically because the tyres were cheap as were the wheels.

    Mike who ran the session had great rims and tyres and basically they just rolled on and off.

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    steved25steved25 Posts: 37
    Thanks all.

    i have just ordered a speed lever

    I is cheaper than a new inner tube.

    the tyres i have got are Continental Grand Prix 4000 Tyre

    there not the best but they are ok and the wheel is fairly descent and im sure they are the right size so i either have very week thumbs or they are stubborn little bu$£rs.

    I will also give the washing up liquid a go.

    Thanks again


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