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"Interesting" running style

I have recently started running again after knee ligament rupture. Mostly doing 1min walk 7kph then 3min run at 12kph repeat......to build my knee back up

However I have found that I am catching my right ankle bone (if you call it that, the bit that sticks out) with the back right hand side of my trainer as it passes. It is painful and bruised. I am worried that I am overcompensating somehow, as the knee injury was on the left side.

Does anyone else get this or had this experience? How did you right it? I am booking in with my physio to check it out but figured you guys would have some idea (or at least some amusing retorts!)


  • clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    I do sometimes, when im really tired i sometimes feel im constantly going to trip my self up!

    Its the dominant muscles doing the work pulling or pushing in the direction they work. something you need to watch as im sidelined at the mo with a hip bursa due to weak leg muscles causing too much stress.
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