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How to corner safely

Morning campers

Just a quick question, as i was going round a corner yesterday barry sheen style i had two littles thought, 1) this is gonna do some damage if i fall and 2) how are you meant to corner quickley and safely? Especially on the excuse for wheels we use.


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    "Quickly" and "Safely" are opposite ends of the spectrum[;)].

    Practice and experience. Unfortunately, you have to come off a few times before you find out where the limits are.

    Your inside leg is up, your outside leg is down. Other than that it's all about adhesion and balance. Oh, and look at where you want to get to...

    The road conditions will make a huge difference: Camber, wetness, greasiness etc.
  • on the country roads i go a speed i know i can stop on (Ithink they call it line of sight on advanced driving lessons)and i dont stop peddaling,accellerating slowly as this puts pressure onto the tyres to steer you round the corner as opposed to glideing round, like you would in a car, when you accelerate you apply weight to 3 tyres round the bend, when you glide only one.

    Every now and again there'll be a tractor with a plow on the back or bloody minded phesant that will not move with a look on its face that will burn through the shiny black lycra...

    What im trying to say is. It's not safe to blitz round a bend you cant see down here as you dont know whats round it, but if you can then i dont stop peddaling......

    Sorry ive had far too much caffine, again.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    The way I think of it is, its training not a race. In a race I might bomb down a hill, carry as much speed through the corner as possible, if I come off I'd be annoyed and upset (and probably hurt!), but at least there was a possible reward for the risk. In training there is no reward, if you come off going that fast its gonna hurt, if your lucky a few days without training and a sore arse, at worst a season long/life long injury/ car coming the other way.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    for good cornering, put pressure on the pedal that is on the outside of the turn, you'll feel the difference.

    one thing: don't lift your ass of the saddle, or it will hit the asphalt.
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