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Hip pain

Im currently training for my first 70.3 this year but i've developed a problem with my right hip. The problem started with running, my hip joint feels inflamed and sore as if its rubbing, the problem has spead down to cause me some problems in the outside of my right knee after i've stopped running. Ive tried to give it a couple weeks rest but it hasnt helped at all and now the problem is affecting me when i cycle.

Any ideas of what the problem could be?


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    al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    I has similar trouble last year and only rest cured it.

    I was diagnosed as having an inflamed iliopsoas (hip flexor - I think).


    Get yourself down to the physio. The same advice as everyone on this forum sayd when injury issues come up.

    Even now I can only run 2 or 3 times a week - any more and the soreness comes back.

    Stretch loads, take it easy and fingers crossed!
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    Cheers, although silver lining, i have an excuse only to run a couple times a week!
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Go and see your GP, and make sure you express your concerns and tell them you're an athlete

    I had pain on flexion of my hip for ages, thought it was just a muscle, so didnt really think to do anything about it. Gradually started becoming more painful after running, thought I had better get it checked out.

    Turned out I had a femoral stress fracture and a possible labrum tear (I am having the MRI to confirm that next week)

    If I had stopped training and gone to see the doctor when it started, before xmas, i probably would have been ok now. But as it is I am facing a possible operation and a good 3-4 months out!
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    Ive just booked in to see a physio on Wednesday he said over the phone it sounds like a bursitis? although did state it was as important to find out whats caused it than to just treat it which sounds promising...

    I take it your out for a while then tommitri?
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    There is always a possibility it could be bursitis, there is the psoas bursa, which could be inflammed, if you have pain over the outside of the hip it could be trochanteric.

    But I would definitely go see your doctor, my friend who had had hip pain like mine for a while went to see the physio who I know personally and hes very good. He thought it could be bursitis, but it turned out she had a femoral neck stress fracture, which was one of the reasons I went in to have mine checked out. (This story is a tad embarrassing if you know what I do for a living!)

    From what you say it could be a number of causes, I would know a bit more if I examined you (Don't worry I don't just like examining people, its my job!) the thing about the hip is its a very strong joint. it doesn't get hurt easily and therefore when it does hurt it needs to be checked out.
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    Ha im guessing either your'e a physio or doctor, or reading the internet like me, cos i've never heard of any of the words you used let alone body parts.

    Im going to see someone whose been recommended by the club. where you based? Im terrible for trying to run off things though so know what you mean.
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    Saw a physio, apparently i have lax joints in my hip knee and ankle made worse by the amount i pronate, which over the years has caused problems in my back, groin and quad ( something band?) which means i need to have it loosened off whit friction soft tissue massages then a programme of stretching and strentgh building then hopefully in two months start very light running...

    This may not be the season i was hoping for....
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    ah ileo-tibial band syndrome, quite common amongst runners, especially those who over pronate!

    There are loads of stretches you can do, and massage should definitely help.

    Good luck mate
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    Hello Everyone, I am after some advise on hip pain. For nearly four months now I have suffered from left sided hip pain, which is radiating around from my lower back,groin and down my whole leg to my ankle. The pain is worse when I am sitting and lying, and I am finding my sleep is being disturbed due to discomfort. I am currently taking diclofenic and co codamol and after visiting my GP 3 weeks ago I am now waiting for a referral to the orthopaedics. However, I am find the pain relief is no longer helping, and not sure how long I will be waiting to be seen. What should I do? Can anyone provide me with some advise?
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Are you an athlete? For obvious reasons, every one on here tends to be. So our problems are all because we've run/cycled/swam too much/too badly and have sustained an injury. To which the answer is invariably: stop and recover. Identify the root cause, take some action (e.g. technique, specific weakness) to remove the original problem. The issues tend to be acute, rather than chronic.

    You really need to take proper medical advice. From your spelling, you look to be in the UK, so get on the phone to your GP and tell them your problems. It's what they are there for!

    Secondly, you really need a diagnosis. e.g. arthritis, trauma or whatever is causing the problem. Then you can use the internet to explore and find info about your condition.

    It would be dangerous to give you any other response except for good luck, and I wish you well, and hope you find some comfort soon!
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    tribirdtribird Posts: 5
    IT Band syndrome sounds like. I have it. Pain in hip, all down leg and outside of knee. Caused by weak gluteus medius need to stretch the outside of the hip and exercise the glutes by doing side legs lifts and single leg squats. There are some videos on You Tube to show rehab exercises. Massage helps loosen everything off but hurts!
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    58fern58fern Posts: 9
    Have suffered for the last 7 weeks with a similar hip problem. I ignored it at first then stopped running (week 1)followed by bike (week 3) thank god swimming has been unaffected in order to keep one sane particularly with the season upon us. Have been to GP and two physios I can confirm myself as the most stretched person in the world. IT syndrome was replaced by bursitis to hamstring and now working on the glute[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/rteimages/list.gif[/image]s with nothing left after that but hope !

    Al I could recommend is to see a good chartered physio with a sports background who comes recommended saves unnecessary pain and hopefully time.
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    langers08langers08 Posts: 19
    Hi All,

    I see a lot of this as an orthopaedic surgeon - there's a lot of misconception in the physio/GP/chiropractor world & to be fair there's also been a lot in the orthopaedic world until recently. Athletes are prone to soft tissue injuries around the hip, especially labral tears (the labrum is a fibrocartilage lip that effectively 'seals' the hip joint. There are some anatomical factors that predispose to this - it is all part of what's known as femoroacetabular impingement. This is not a diagnosis that many GPs have heard of, but a few physios have. Anyone who has a hip or knee problem, or who wants to look up more info on impingement can have a look at my website www.hipandkneeadvice.com for free. I am in the process of updating the website so more detail will be added over the coming weeks. Rest assured impingement is treatable although there are problems currently with some procedures in the NHS.

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