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Great Ride

Right, my New bike turned up yesterday, nothing special, only a Carrera Virtuoso, but it "FITS". I also have some Shimano SPD shoes and Clip pedals. I love those, the power transfer is great and I havn't found them a problem to unclip.....yet! I went straight out and covered 15 miles without even noticing. I love the riding position and the bike, just feels comfortable.. I am looking forward to running up some miles on it for my first Tri at Henley.

On the running front I am improving and should be able to cover the 5k in a half decent time.

On the swim front....I am struggling a little. i can't breath bi-lateral, so I am having to swim breaststroke....which I know some of you hate...but it is my frst time. I am covering the 16 lengths in about 22 mins at the moment as I am having to stop and breath after a couple of lengths. I was at 36 mins 4 weeks ago.

i am hoping that I will cover my first Tri in under 2 hours but more importantly I just really want to finish.



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    moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    [:D] good luck fellow breast stroker oops realised that doesn't sound too good!

    far better to finish swim I've decided than worrying about not drowning doing a stroke that I'm not 100% confident in - more like 10% confident in and keep going with lessons

    have fun
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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Great to hear the news with the new bike:) and with the running seeming to be going well you are 2/3rds the way through!!! Youll find most people struggle with the swim when they first start.... I was like you 3years ago

    2 lengths of the pool crawl and I was blowing!!!

    Dont worry about not being able to breath Bi-laterally, that will come with practise but even if it doesnt then that doesnt mean you wont become a bad swimmer.

    I only breathe to my left unless I have to take a breath the other side but 99% of the time even in open water I will only breathe one side and I swim 400m in 5:22 and this is touch turning too! No fancy tumble turns in my camp! haha

    Keep the swimming up and it does get easier to swim front crawl for longer. Then you still want to go faster! thats when the hard work comes in as you start knocking seconds off rather than minutes! good luck!!

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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    mate a few words of encouragement.

    When i started all this last year i could just about manage about 5 lengths without stopping, but i persevered for a few months swimming about 2 sometimes 3 times a week, not massive swim's, i just got in and swam until i could swim no more.

    Looking at the stats for last year i did 16 lengths eventually in about 16 mins, stopping all the time mind.

    When the first try came round i managed the swim in 9 mins

    The point being if you keep at it, you will get better.

    If you go to your local swim pool and ask they will do at least once a week a swim clinic, where they will help you learn to swim frontcrawl with a breath, you will need to do that to get to a much better time.

    I rarely do alot of drills are concentrate on swim speed, as i believe the 2/3 mins i lose on someone who is a fish, i can easily make up in fast transitions, 20 km on a bike or 5 km in the run.

    But hey thats me.

    Just still with your plan mate as soon as you race it will all come together.

    good luck
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    jasonculljasoncull Posts: 36
    Thanks. My aim is for 15 to 16 mins. I am trying front crawl but tire very easily. I am sure i will get what i need for the first one.
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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    mate dont worry about the tiredness, i get that to.

    Best way i think is just to swim like between 50-100 metres ( 4 lengths) as fast as you can.

    then have a rest of about 30-1 minute have a drink.

    And go again.

    Keep going till your really pooped or your technique falls apart.

    Then every now and again like every two weeks, just get in and time yourself swimming as far as you can, in no time at all your times will start to drop.
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    jasonculljasoncull Posts: 36
    Thanks for the advice

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    GGBGGB Posts: 482
    I bought the Virtuoso a couple of months back - great starter bike and as you say great cycling position too - just lowered the bars on mine to get an even better position last week for my aero bars. .

    Good luck with it :D and with your Tri's

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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    There are very few things that guarantee an increase in speed than new kit and a new bike is the king of new kit - you will fly
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Quick tip with those Halford's bikes: the head-tube is quite short so you can get a great aero position on them. Also check to see which way up the stem is: they usually put them on as a riser, but if you flip it over you can get even more adjustment.

    Don't worry about the breast-stroke. If we all waited until we were perfect at all aspects of racing there would be nobody on the start line at all. It is also very true that while front-crawl is fast and efficient when done properly, when done badly it will sap your energy faster than a pair of Kryptonite underpants. If you feel more confident saving it for the bike and run then that will make a fine race plan.

    And congratulations on having the correct attitude. Now get out there and get the miles in.[:)]
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    jasonculljasoncull Posts: 36
    Thanks for this, a little encouragement goes along way.
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    I was similar to you in terms of breast stroke. As a matter of pushing yourself then why don't you start to include some front crawl into the swiming ie one or two length breast then one length front

    then slowly decrease the amount of breast stroke and increase the amount of front crawl. This is what I do and its working a treat.

    don't worry about swimming breast stroke either. I had been training front crawl and I completed my first tri on sat there using breast stroke. Got 30 length in 20m which was slow but the point is you do what you feel comfortable in doing and enjoy yourself.

    I can't Bi-Lateral either, I take a breath every fourth stroke or if I'm struggling then every two. Everybody has their on areas to improve and the key is knowing what to improve on and to focus on them

    You'll look at the other people and think OMG but just relax, you'll love it. I did and can't wait for next one and I'm going to do a combination of front crawl and breast stroke at it.

    Good Luck

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