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seatpost length?

Sorry another question - am buying a new carbon seatpost to help reduce weight and hopefully make a comfier ride too.

How much seatpost needs to be inside the frame? My current seatpost is about 350mm long and 150mm is inside the frame. Do i need to get another 350mm carbon post or is it possible to use a 250mm?

I guess not cause that would only mean 50mm inside the frame. just thought i would ask some peolpe that might knoe though.



  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    I hate to say it but it depends on what make and model to the lenth of the seatpost.different makes tend to very the lenth say ITM carbon seatpost are normally 300mm where as FSA are 350mm.ime going to say anything between 280mm-350mm should be ok.it also bepends on how high you want it aswell.the higher the longer and the lower the smaller.Dont forget to check the circumfrance of your current seatpost to see wether its a 27.2(most common) or 31.6(mainly cannondale but there are others).Carbon seatpost are not something you want to mess up especialy if your going for something more expensive.
  • lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Cheers TTX Pro. I have gone for a Ritchey Pro carbon seat post - 350mm and 27.2. The length and diameter match exactly what I currently have. Just alot lighter. I worked it out and basically couldnt go for anything shorter than about 320mm so went for something mid range.

    Thanks for your advice. Oh one thing - i read that there is no need to lubricate carbon posts when putting them into the frame - is this true?

  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    Not always.sometimes you have to,to make it go in smoothly.i try not to grease seatpost as this can weaken the carbon especialy if it naked carbon however us engineers do have a trick to get round this.Brylcream.As strange as it sounds if a seatpost doesn't go in smoothly just use brylcream,works a treat.
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