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Newbie looking for some help

Hi all I'm just starting out with tri - am planning on doing the Henley Sprint then either another sprint or standard Tri (depending on how i get on with Henley). I am after some advice on kit. I have seen there seems to be a bit of advice, i.e. buy Red and buy Expensive [;)], but i'm really looking for something a little more specific. Sorry if this is the boring newbie kind of stuff you are fed up with answering...but I'll ask anyway. To start with, I have a hybrid which I am starting to train on, will this suffice for my first tri or two? I am hoping that it will as i don't want to spend more money, besides it has red bits, Also for the swim can i wear just a tri suit/shorts or should i look to wear something else? I am intending to get some shorts but before I do i thought i should check i can get away with just wearing those.

Well that's it for the moment...


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    md6... you'll be fine. In time once you get hooked (and you will) the world is your oyster and your wallet will be empty, but in the meantime use your hybrid for your tris of course (unless you can borrow a road bike ;-).

    If the swim is in a lake (dunno Henley) you'll maybe need a wetsuit, but these can be hired for as little as £25 for the season (TriUK in Yeovil) otherwise pool based swims your speedos would do ;-) A tri suit will be more than fine.

    If you have to spend money on anything prolly your best expenditure at this moment (if you don;t already own a pair) is a pair of running shoes.

    Oh - you WILL need a bike helmet.

    enjoy :-)


  • Hi

    I'm no expert but i thought i'd have a go anyway! The bike will be fine for the first tri (it really depends on what your expectations are). But your bike will be fine as long as its safe and roadworthy. As for the swimming, again it depends on how you want to get on, but shorts will definately slow you down and make swimming much harder work! A tri-suit would be best but failing that you should get the old speedo's out the drawer!

    Good Luck!
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Hello MD6 and welcome to forum!

    I cant see why your hy-brid wont be Ok for your first TRI.

    With the swim kit, is the swimyou talking TRi in a pool? If it is then shorts will be ok.(are talking TRI shorts)

    Good luck with the training and the TRI season.

    Dont forget Britspin will recommend Wool for a tri suit. Appears that is only for pro's
  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    A simple starting point for your first tri could be to swap the tyres which will probably 28mms for a set of 23mms. This will cost you £20 ish and will knock loads of time of your time. You could then whack on a pair of £30 clip on aero bars and save a bit more time. Remove then all the crap like bells and reflectors that you wan't need for tri and you'll be away.

  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Thanks Guys i will deff look at getting a tri suit, as Henly is in a pool. And thanks for the tip about the tires, I'll give that a go.
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595

    I’d echo GHarv’s comments about tyres – go for smooth tyres rather than knobbly and pump the pressure up to the maximum allowed (stated on the tyre casing) immediately before the race and that’s probably the easiest way to improve your speed and reduce effort without splashing out. Oh, and oiling your chain!

    And good luck!
  • Hi there,

    I had my road bike nicked just before the South Coast triathlon last year and begged a set of slicks from my local bike shop for my MTB. I got a used pair for £10, pumped them up and did a pretty decent bike split.

    But I would certainly recommend a Tri suit - just so much more comfortable whether it's a pool or a wetsuit swim. I have some very unfortunate pics of me running in my first tri last year - I wore tri shorts and a swim crop top, flung on a cycle jersey for the bike and run, and ended up with a bad case of wet-T-shirt-competition. Nasty.

    A wetsuit is often compulsory for some of the open-water events, so do check the Henley website.

    Good luck. Did my first season last year from a standing start and am utterly smitten.

  • hi there md6,

    theres some good advice in the free beginners download on the 220 magazine home page for the bike that echos the advice given, and i'd agree a comfy trisuit would be a good idea as well, personally i get my ma to knitt mine, just ignore any advice on red, ( it doesn't make you go faster )[:)]

    all the best and a warm welcome!
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Did anyone advise to Practise Transitions; as part of brick session
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Treefrog, that's an idea, and not something i would have really though of, cheers. Although living in London i think i will have to find somewhere locked to practice, now if i can convince the gf to let me knock down the back wall and install electic gates then i could just ride in, change and run out, then zap the gate closed...i will have to start saving some brownie points i think[:D]
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Nah..you are making it too hard..build a ramp, but seriously...practising transitions can be as easy as laying out what you think you need, in a logical order in your front room/garage/back garden, do your bike thingy & come screaming back designate yourself a dismount line & err dismount, get in your garden/room etc at a jog with bike 'rack' bike off helmet, on run shoes etc & go..not forgetting to grab keys etc so you don't lock oneself out. Then assess if your layout was good, cluttered worked or not etc & adjust accordingly. To practice a swim to bike ask nicely at your pool if you can (at a quiet time) try it out & leave your bike helmet etc where it will be accessible to you but not get nicked, do a few laps & repeat as above. If pool says no then do a run to bike transition practice at home...it's about getting a layout that works for you to save most time so the fact that you are not wet from the swim is a minor difference especially if you are racing in a trisuit without socks on your feet.
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