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Tri Suits and Tall People???


I currently own a tri suit but find it uncomfortable, especially on the bike section. It's medium sized so is tight fitting but i am fairly tall (6ft3) and so it doesn't fit me length-wise.

Does anyone know of any tri-suits that fit tall, slim people well? Or would it be best to go for a two piece?

Any advice is greatly appreciated,



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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Try a rowing onepiece. They tend to be generously sized as most large rowers are very large.

    Powerhouse clothing have been known to do one off's for triathletes

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    deeessdeeess Posts: 150
    i am 6'4" and slim - still trying to get up the courage to buy a trisuit
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    I'm 6 foot 2 and have an Orca trisuit which seems OK. Large though, not medium [:D]
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    Hmmmm. I also have this problem... i have an Endura elite tri suit which gives me a wedgie everytime i use it for any length of time!!!

    Obviously this is far from ideal and intend to change the suit before the beginning of this season.

    I like treefrog's idea of a rowing suit but wonder if it would be comfortable in longer events. Perhaps you could buy some tri-specific shorts (i.e. part of a 2 piece suit with a small pad) and wear it underneath the rowing suit.

    I have tried wearing lycra shorts underneath the suit but this doesn't help... unless i can find a suit that fits us taller members of the triathlon world i guess its going to have to be a two piece.

    Question to Jules: Is your Orca suit snug fitting or baggy? And what waist/chest size is the large Orca suit aimed at? (if you don't mind me asking!)

    Sorry this isn't really much help sdh27, hopefully it might bring us closer to a solution though!!
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    I'm about a 42 inch chest and somewhat chubby 36 inch waist and it's relatively snug on me, but not too tight. Dunno what size large equates to. Length wise it's OK. It's nice to swim in. A word of warning is that I've not worn it on the bike yet (I only bought it after Christmas) but it does feel nicely padded.
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    sdh27sdh27 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the fast feedback guys!

    I think the size large sounds a bit too big for me... but i might look into orca's range. They certainly look good!

    Treefrog, have you tried swimming in a rowing suit? I just wonder whether its made out of the same stuff as a tri-suit. If it wasn't, then it might not be best suited for swimming in.... for example it may absorb water and become baggy or it might not dry out very quickly on the bike.

    Does anyone know of any brands that suit taller people?? i think each brand uses slightly different sizing systems.

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    hi i have used my rowing suit for two seasons in some of the shorter distances its fine not great in the water drags a bit ok under wetsuit but drys out well on cycle and is easy to run in..am going to get a custom suit this year which come with longer legs etc.btw i'm neary 6ft not quite as tall as some of ye!!
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