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Another beginner uestion - pre-swim warmup

I have noticed that when training in the pool I need about 5x100m to warm up and then I can keep going (well for 500m!). I can't see this working for a tri [:)].

Anyone have some advice for warming up beforehand



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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    I guess you answered your own question! [:)]

    Ideally, you would swim a bit beforehand. Most of the time, though, this is impossible.

    So I'm assuming you're looking for ways to warm-up for the swim without being in the water? I thought I'd posted a few ideas for this in another thread somewhere, but I can't find it now so I'll have to re-type it.

    The following works for me, though your mileage may vary, prices may go down as well as up etc.

    Stand up, feet slightly apart and pretend you are swimming, ie the water is vertical. Stretch your stroke out - reach really high and make sure your shoulders are rotating correctly. Obviously rotating your hips is a bit harder... start speeding up, bit by bit until you are going really fast. I mean ridiculous speed. Keep it up until you start to feel a bit of a burn, then run off down the road for a 100m build up to sprint. Jog back, and repeat a few times.

    This gets my shoulders and arms awake, gets the legs warmed up a bit, and gets the old ticker pumping a bit.

    Like I said, it works for me? Let me know what you think?

    Ah... should have said... don't forget to do your stretches beforehand. Stretching afterwards all the way until your start is a good idea too.

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    FastWestieFastWestie Posts: 26
    I think I'll be waving my arms around as you describe!
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