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cycle leg

I'm not an expert but some of the guys on here are. pending replies, why not check out past threads on the subject. you'll find loads!!


  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    intervals seem to be working for me. Intensity over volume! With one long ride a week.

    Good luck.
  • osgurosgur Posts: 11

    just completed 1st sprint tri , amazing experience - another one in a month, 20k cycle took me 42 mins. looking at other times on results this is where I fell down in a big way. Any suggestions to what training I can do in the next month. Is it just a case of getting out on the bike 3/4 times a week and doing long distances or should I be doing shorter faster cycles ?

    all advice greatly appreciated. any useful links welcome also.
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Interval work is a very good start.

    I find that doing intervals on the road can be a bit hit and miss sometimes as the point to intervals are to work at 100% for your given interval. Doing this on the road could end up with you under the wheels of a car. If you have a turbo-trainer these are fantastic for doing super high intensity interval work on as you can just go mental on it without fear of swerving all-over the place!!

    A good interval workout can be found on the SPINERVALS DVDs, these can be found in various online stores (total fitness nottingham, Sigma sports etc...) and its what I use twice a week for a tough 60min interval session.

    The DVDs I have are, No slackers (50min), TT special (65min) and Have mercy (120min).

    These kind of sessions (if done properly) will see your bike splits drop like a stone, they did mine!!
  • al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    you can always spend lots of cash on a black carbon bike with red flashes on.

    That'll speed you up no end.
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