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Training Advice Needed!

1. Get some new shoes! Go to a shop where you can get a "gait analysis" done - they can tell you if you "over pronate" (flat footed) or not, and advise on the type of shoes. Well worth it, to stop injuries etc. "Up and Running" are a reasonable nationwide chain, but there may be better ones in your area. Decent shoes are the only kit a man needs to run; a woman also needs to invest in a decent support bra.

2. Take it slowly. Limit your runs in time, too. No more than 20 mins every other day (or less) would be enough for the first couple of weeks. If you are a gym member, then the treadmill can help. Don't try to go flat out all the time: If you did three 20 min runs a week, do two of them at a nice comfortable jog. Then try a bit harder on the third.

3. Listen to your body. If it hurts, then don't do it. You'll find you build up strength, and you will start to go further in the same time. Once you stop hurting, you can look at extending the distance.

4. www.parkrun.com: a great way to gauge your improvements, if there is one near you.

5. www.runnersworld.co.uk is a great website and a great magazine for those starting out.

6. Excess weight is the great enemy of running - it slows you done, and makes injuries worse - far worse than for swimming and cycling where the water and bike can carry you a lot. I don't know if that applies to you, of course! but if it does, then thinking about sensible eating is a good thing too. Again, there is lots of advice to be had.

7. Enjoy it! As you get fitter and see improvements, this will happen.

That'll do for now :-)


  • I need advice on how to run! I am new to triathlon - have signed up for my first sprint tri in June.

    I have never been a runner - i managed 2.8 miles in 27 minutes yesterday. This was my first training run and it hurt lots, i have shin splints today and my quads are aching. Being a swimmer at heart, I am like a fish out of water - please help!

    What are the average times for beginners on each discipline of a tri?

    Is my run time any good? What can I do to improve my running time and fitness?

    The competition I am doing is 300m swim. 13mile bike. 3mile run.
  • Thanks Jack.

    I have been trying to loose weight, have already lost 3stone in the last 6 months but still need to drop another 1.5stone ideally. Carry excess weight - or should I say my warming body layer gained from cold outdoor swim training, now training indoors and starting to run should start to shift more of it as well as my current healthy eating plan. I hate diets, they never work.

  • Hi RugbyG

    I asked the same question a few weeks back...got a decent response from the lovely people here....use the search field to search 'running tips'.....that should get you started....
  • I stretch that Ive over looked in the past and very worthwhile if you do get or have suffered from shin splint's is to kneel down with your feet together and using your own bodyweight lower yourself down over your ankle's.......

    It's served me well
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Get new shoes and then get a shortish loop say 5Km. Run this loop and then as you notice it getting easier do a second, when this gets easier look into more routes. Keep timing the loop and keep a record in your training diary.Get a benchmark time and everytime you go out aim to hit that, then every so often go out to beat it. Keep up the training and keep playing the mind games and you'll get there. Just be prepared to do the graft
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Hey treefrog.. From another thread I note that Charlie has swum the channel??? Bloody hell, if that isn't playing the mind game I don't know what is.

    Anyway, if you genuinely do have shin splints my own experience is to not run until they are fully recovered. I kept going for another week last summer and could barely walk for a fortnight afterwards. Maybe lay off the running but get out on the bike instead for similar efforts - at least 30 mins at a time?
  • 2.8 mles in 27 mins is fine for someone who hasn't run before in my opinion, for the first few weeks just run gently for about 20 mins without looking how far you've gone to build a bit of endurance then start analising after that, just enjoy it first before you take yourself to pieces and dont be to hard on yourself.

    definatley get a gait analysis and running trainers( expect to pay around £80.00 for them though OUCH! )

    good luck
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    hello rugbygirl - I am new to exercise and new to running - only started exercising in August last year and running in December.

    When I first started running I could barely run a mile - after a few weeks I managed to up it to about 2 mile constant - following advice on here I realised, or rather it was pointed out to me I was trying to run too fast. I now regularly run 5 or 6 miles at about 8 minute mile pace without too much of a problem - this is only due to slowing down and getting longer runs in - so my reccomendation would be to slow your runs down and try run for longer - maybe even try running with a Heart rate moniter and try stay in the correct zone for training runs.

    As said above 27 minutes for 2.8 miles is good considering you have only just started :D .. keep it up and you will be running that speed over twice the distance before long.

  • Hi Charlie,

    Lots of good thoughts already posted..

    I'd recommend joining a local running club.. you'll get some structured/regular sessions and from personnal experience the runnings clubs tend to be welcoming of new members and you'll get some great advice and feedback from coaches of the club.

    bonus is you'll also get a discount on runs which will more than pay for your memebrship.

    I'm also a former rubgy player (Second Row), so I found it quite hard (and still do) converting my strength into endurance... but I am winning...

    Good luck....

  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144

    Good post!

    Look into those new trainers like the guys said. When it comes to running you will find a natural gait and postion that is comfortable but dont expect to much to soon. When I started running it was because I signed up for a monster cross country event and it took me ages to get to a point where I felt I was actually running and not just jggoing.

    Take Treefrogs advice and set a loop that measures around 5KM and run around it. Build up the amonut of loops as it becomes easier.

    With shin splints you need to nirse them as they will only get worse and take longer to heal. Its amazing how quick they do heal. Stetch well before a run especially the shins and hamstrings and sounds like your quads may like a stretch before you run again. Remember that core training can involve lunges and some leg work to jelp.

    Good luck with the running its worth it in the end.

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    If it is simply shin pain..specifically the muscle that lifts your toes (I know you are now sitting there lifting your toes) then ice would be good to reduce inflammation, compression too, & a little self massage.

    Starting at the top by your knee run your thumbs down your shin following the muscle to your ankle, you should find bits are more tender than others, just do this a few times slowly, slowing over the tender bits & digging in with more pressure. he muscle should be warm & pliable, use a good oil..i use a massage bar from Lush, it has beans in it to add a little extra massaging..can't remember the flavour, but you would know it when you see it..might have cinnamon or something in it slightly warming.
  • Thanks for your advice everyone. Have now looked into my gait, havee done a wet foot test and found I have a high arch and therefore am likely to underpronate. I therefore need to look at neutral custioned shoes with a curved last.

    I have not had shin splints like this before - in the past I have had them going straight down the cetnre between my tibia and fibular, the moment I notice the pain on the outside of my ankle as I point my foot down and inwards. So maybe it isnt shin splints at all. I have booked into runners world to get a proper gait analysis and some more advice, they even have their own physio there.

    Going for a swim today, so can have a good stretch out and see what other bits hurt.

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