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Subscription Free Gift??

Has anyone else received their free gift for subscribing? I subscribed at Christmas and have been waiting for my free hydration pack ever since. I rang them 2 months ago and they said i should have it in a few weeks but it still hasn't come! has anyone else got their and how long do the free gifts usually take to arrive?


I just watched the free dvd that came with this months issue and thought it was very good!


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    DocmartinDocmartin Posts: 17
    Got mine.
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    j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
    I got my hydration pack a week after the first mag came through, mid-Jan time.
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    brizzichickbrizzichick Posts: 166
    I haven't got mine...subscribed in Jan, rang them today and was told there are no bags in stock and that they'd send me one when they were. When asked when they thought they would get them...she said she didn't know...ummmm I'm thinking I might not see that bag....

    Will ring again in a few weeks....
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    SamRSamR Posts: 19
    OK...looks like I'll have to wait some more then!!
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    Got mine.

    Tell them that under the sale of good act 1979 ( amended in 2002) they have broken their contract and terms of sale.

    As a result - they are duty bound to offer you a full refund and the delivery of said missing goods.

    That said, you have to give them "reasonable" time to rectify the problem and compensate you. ( this doesn't have to be in the value of the goods but can be in a financial or in this case free magazine issues).

    That is generally deemed at 31 days ( or a calendar month)

    Good luck.
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