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What to eat the night before

Does anyone have tips of what to eat the night before a triathlon?? Would you eat anything different if this was Sprint, Oylmpic or Ironman?


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    I'm no expert but I would say pasta and lots of it. In the morning before the race have a small breakfast as far in advance of the start as possible, I learnt the hard way that overeating on race morning is dangerous (BTW porridge and powerade combine to make a rather nasty blue sludge which sticks to your arm/shoulder while you cycle!)
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I saw some research recently that wasn't in favour of the pre race pasta party, on the principle of too much too late, especially for IM, its more likely to slow down digestion & take too much water out of the system to be good..two or three days before would be better.

    So the nigt before I wouldn't do anything different, its the prevoius week when any carbo loading should go on. So I would avoid too much fat, some protein & carbs but keep it light & enough time before bed that it digests & a good breakfast well before race time which you can top up with odds & bits closer to race time..gels, bars & drinks if you must, but remeber thats all you will get during the race, so you might try something else whilst you can, but nothing new, nothing you have not eaten & raced on before..or blue puke could be your reward...
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