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Shop with endless pool in London area?

SamRSamR Posts: 19

I'm looking to get a wet-suit so I can start doing some open water swimming and have read lots of people recommending I try before I buy. Does anyone know if there is somewhere I can do this in London/Herts area. (I live in Hemel Hempstead but don't mind travelling to london or a little further afield if i have to). I seen people metion SBR as a good place to go (not online though!), do they have an endless pool?




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    Ron99Ron99 Posts: 237
    No endless pool, but they do have some really good deals on suits. If you want to try an endless pool, SwimForTri have one (Canary Wharf), but they only sell Sailfish wetsuits.
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    SamRSamR Posts: 19
    Ok Thanks.

    There is a Tri shop near me so i'll give that a go. I'll just have to try it in the dry!

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