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Anyone have any reviews of the quintana roo bikes?


After riding a fair few tris on my trusty Trek 1000 with aerobars, thinking about doing an upgrade. The cycle to work scheme beckons, as my employer has recently instituted this, to enable us to purchase bicycles through Evans. I've ridden Specialised (mostly mountain bikes but a few road bikes) and Trek (road bikes only)

I was looking at one of these: Quintana Roo Tequilo 2008 Triathalon Bike

Any pros? Any cons? Or is there a better bike I should look at in that price range? I'm a tall bloke (6'4") so need a 58cm frame or larger, which is a bit of a challenge for the end-of season cycles, and the C2W scheme at my office tops out at 1000 pounds so I want to be close to that price range.



  • pacman2102pacman2102 Posts: 247
    Hi bought a quintana roo caliente in december and went out for the first time last weekend due to the weather . But the bike is good and you get lot's of kit with it.

    I went for a 2008 model and got a great deal on it for J E James in sheffield reduced by nearly £1,000

    The tequilo looks a good bike thou

    First tri bike had a specialzed allez before

    but love it , went and did 100K on the first ride and no problems what so ever

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,I have a QR Seduza,the fit is excellent,but have had two minor quibbles,firstly the wheels that came with the bike were not upto standard and secondly the front deraillleur is rivoted on started to work loose and had to be fixed with glue(out of warrantee before you ask) but its ok now and would certainly consider QR again as it is the comfiest bike I've ridden .
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