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I am a bloody idiot...

First tri of the new season was today. I spent Saturday afternoon getting ready for it - packing my kit, making sure I had everything. Pool-based, so no wetsuit. Tri shorts. Socks. Bike patch kit, tool kit, riding specs, running top, riding top, towel, anti-chafing cream, Go Gels, change of clothes. Made sure my bike was ready, made sure the car was ready. Went over everything twice in fact, just because I haven't done this for a while and I don't want to forget anything critical. Like gum, or sunglasses, or water bottles.

Drove to the race, bike in the car. And when I saw the first cyclists, I realised I had left my bike shoes at home. Crap, and other hefty bad words. It's about 30 minutes drive each way, it's about 10 minutes before I have to check in and about 50 before my start time. I do the math - I can't make it home and back by my start time, much less by the time checkin closes. But oh, well, gonna do it anyways - it'll be a slow ride, without being clipped in, but hell - it's only 26km. I can do that pretty quick anyways.

So I unload my bike, put the wheels back on, walk it over to check-in, and realize I have not only forgotten my cycling shoes but my running shoes as well.

All I have are flipflops.

Now the swear words come thick and fast, and I hustle into check-in, pleading look on my face - Can I please race home, grab my shoes, and come straight back, starting in a later heat? Sorry, all pool starts will be done except the ladies try-a-tri, which you're the wrong genes for. Sorry, mate, come back next year.

F!!! F!!! F!!!

First tri of the year is a DNS. Even worse than a DNF.


  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Gomi, that is terrible luck, but a really good warning for me (must write a list, must write a list) Hope the next one goes better...
  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    bummer.......so sorry for you mate.......

    .........there are no words are there?

    it'll never happen again.

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    List, list, list...you following? I know how anal it seems, but a good list takes all the guesswork out, all the remembering out all you have to do is pack.
  • pataallenpataallen Posts: 94
    similar experience a few years ago...was heading from London to Snowdonia for a training weekend...just got on to the M54 (around Telford) when i realised i'd forgotten my shoes! Doh, sadly had to spend all weekend in the pub!
  • gomiboygomiboy Posts: 59
    Next time I am wearing my running shoes, and will definitely have a kit list. This was embarassing.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    I nearly forgot my bike helmet last time out, I was in the car on the way when I saw a cyclist, wearing a helmet, and had an "oh shit" moment. I was running late as it was, I had to go home and get it them drive rather fast to get there.

    Tough luck gomiboy, hopefully you'll never do that again now!
  • steve785steve785 Posts: 52
    DUDE.......basics!!!!! i bet you never forget them again lesson learned%$&?!![:D]
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Pat...I am sure that Gary will back me up on this, they do have shoe shops in Telford & parts of Wales I hear! This from 'list guy' who left his glasses (in the I am short sighted type of glasses) in his kit bag, in the changing room at the aquathlon I raced last Thursday evening, only realising when running past said changing room & wondering why the world was blurry.
  • gomiboygomiboy Posts: 59
    steve785 wrote:

    DUDE.......basics!!!!! i bet you never forget them again lesson learned%$&?!![:D]

    Nope... especially with how hard my wife laughed at me. She was holding my shoes when I came home... not good.
  • oh man...nothing worse than when the missus gets one over on you....youll never be allowed to forget it now!
  • DavidHDavidH Posts: 47
    Sorry to hear that Gomi.

    Not quite the same as not getting to start at all, but I managed to DNF due to 2 punctures yesterday.

    Was pretty gutted about it so you have my sympathies.


  • gomiboygomiboy Posts: 59
    DavidH - man, that sucks... I carry a patch kit but having to do 2 in one ride would be gutting...

    Sorry mate - we'll both go get 'em next time! :)
  • DavidHDavidH Posts: 47

    Will probably carry a patch kit in the future, guess you could go on forever trying to prepare for every eventuality but you have to stop somewhere.

    My missus did actually ask if it was allowed to race with a spare wheel strapped to you somewhere.[:D]

    Cheered me up a little.

    Yep, next time!

  • We all make mistakes and learn. I was doing Kendal Tri last month. Got there checked in, all good!!!

    Until I got on the bike, hit the first hill and my seat slid back and tilted skywards OUCH........then stood up to push and the gears kept slipping!!!!!

    I will never ge to a race and not give my bike a proper check over.

    "It's only a mistake if you do it again"

  • gomiboygomiboy Posts: 59
    Well I didn't do it again. First tri of the year finally completed.

    Merchant Taylor's School OD Triathlon.

    Place 104

    Age group Male 30-39

    Total Time 3:16:02

    Swim 00:37:54

    T1 00:02:26

    Bike 01:30:46

    T2 00:01:05

    Run 01:03:50

    [align=center] [/align]3 hours 16 minutes is not a great time, but I did only have 1.5 hours of sleep the night before (work calls all night), it was a very technical bike course, and I didn't forget my bloody shoes.

    I am quietly pleased, and now know what I need to work on most (running pace) and what I am OK with (cycling pace)
  • gavinrigg06gavinrigg06 Posts: 176
    I forgot my bike helmet, trouble was it was on my head as I went running out of T2, felt a proper idiot....gave it to a marshall and got told off after the race for disgarding kit - lesson now learned !!

    I think I have been fortunate on the missing kit issue as so far I have only forgotten my race belt, but this caused problems in itself as I had to pin my number to my top, which meant I could not swim in it, adding at least a minute to my T1 time trying to put my top on !!
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Great work Gomiboy! First tri of the year out of the way and can look forward to the upcoming events.

    In my first tri earlier this month, I managed to remember all my kit on the way there, but arrived home after, unpacked my kit minus my wetsuit! DOH!

    Should be arriving in the post tomorrow fingers crossed in time for some OW practice at the weekend. I'm hoping it gets easier right?
  • gomiboygomiboy Posts: 59
    Flavadave wrote:

    I'm hoping it gets easier right?

    Jeez, I sure hope so!

    First one (of the season or ever) is always a bit fraught. You've got so much going through your head that I'm often surprised I remember anything. I always find 2 and 3 get much easier, as well as much faster. First one of the season for me is more like just working the kinks out after a long winter.
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