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What food on the bike and where to keep it?

Hello - novice biker, quickly getting up to speed for IM UK and would really appreciate peoples thoughts on nutrition for the bike.

Have began doing 3-4 hours and realise the need for fuel to be able keep going. I imagine I won't be able to stop of at the garage and buy two bags of haribo gummi bears or fizzy sweets!

What do people eat/drink on the bike and where do you store it?

Thanks very much,



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    SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    In terms of food, I swear by raspberry jam sandwiches on wholemeal bread - wrapped in tinfoil and stored in the back pockets of my cycling top. Also stuff a coupla nanas in there. If you can get it, Xmas cake is a belter!

    Ive got a little top tube bag thingy which takes about 6 gels.

    For fluids, I have an aero bottle, a down tube bottle and a set of bottles behind my saddle.

    (I get thirsty!)

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    Thanks - jam sandwiches sound good and I guess the foil, help keep them fresh and dry. I would imagine eating this and using the gels as well. I read somewhere here about emptying the gels into water bottles before the race which sounds sensible.

    Will have a look at the top tube bags - thanks again

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    dannymackdannymack Posts: 58
    I eat quite a lot on the bike. On the 70.3 I did the other day I had four slices of malt loaf and butter (rocket fuel and, for me, a taste of childhood) in the first hour and a half and then a gel every 30 minutes after that. They were all crammed neatly in my Bento box. I think this was about right for me as I felt good on the run (well, not devoid of fuel at least).

    As for fluid I started with a big bottle of Nuun and small one of gatorade then picked up another two of Gatorade from aid stations on the course. So, about 2.5 litres for my 3h22 (which was about right for my size going by the recommended 10ml per kg of bodyweight per hour in the saddle).

    My two mates who did the thing with me have more delicate stomachs and went for gels all the way (about 1 every 30 minutes). This worked well for both of them.

    For your full distance I think as long as you get enough fuel and fluid in there to allow you to get through a 26 mile run afterwards it doesn't matter what form it takes. I believe some people use an aero bottle chocked full of Go gels. I was also reading about people doing it on just fluid fuel (so like a litre bottle of 30% carb drink being all you need - although you would still need to drink lots of water for hydration).

    Plenty of stuff for you to try out on long rides I suppose.

    Good luck.
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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    My Ironman is in less than 3 weeks (Swis).... I am going to go with:

    BIke - 1 x sis go gel ASAP after swim with 500ml of water and then alternate between 1 clif bar and 1 POWERBAR BAR (Both solid) evry 1 hr 20mins while drinking initialy two 800ml bottle if POWERBAR lemon drink (about 800mm every hour).. then filling up one of the bottle with water, one with powerbar drink.. (IF REALLY HOT so sweating alot may drop a nunn tablet in the water) .. no bars for last 30km - last 5k before t2 will have another go gel.

    So in the 6 hours or so bike I will consume a total of:

    2 x go SIS bar

    2 x cliff bar


    3 x 800ml POWERBAR DRINK

    2 x 1300ml water.

    Then on the run 1 sis gel every 30-40mins with water every station and powerbar drink every other station.. then eat anything and everything for the lzst 10km of utter pains and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    to recover I am planing on getting on a drip. Then (assuming i did complete) go and gett drunk until passing out and my friend taking me back to my hotel.

    sofa king close now!

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    This is very helpful, thanks.

    Best of luck with the race Barney - enjoy the taper!

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