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UK Half Ironman - HELP!

hey everybody - first post from me.

I am running the UK 70.3 at Wimblewall in June and have started to get a little worried about what I have signed up for! I ran my first and only olympic tri last year in 2hours 39mins which was the London Triathlon, basically caught the bug and wanted to step it up this year.

But - I am a little worried by some of the stuff I have read about the 70.3. How bad are these hills on the bike ride and how hilly is the run?

Also -what sort of time should I be gunning for having done the above time in the london tri?

Finally - can anyone recommend a good training programme for this event? I have been working on building endurance with long bike run sessions so far, but now need to get a more focused regime in place for the next three and half months to make sure i dont flake on these horrible hills!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot


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    artikartik Posts: 26
    The thing to do is train hard and race easy! I did this last year as my first 70.3, it is hard there is no doubt.

    Bike - You must do lots of hill training on the bike - there are several tough uphills and technical downhills. The best thing to do is go down there and do a lap - it will put to bed some worries.

    Run - You must do lots of hill running - again uphills and downhills. Again the best thing to do is to go down there and do the course.

    I would look at the beginnertriathlete website for a half decent programme or buy one of the decent books out there

    All the very best in your training you will enjoy it - it is a fantastic race..
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    grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    It just so happens I rode Wimbleball this morning, from the café carpark, one loop, and back to the car park, I took it pretty easy as I just wanted to get to know the course. I didn't think it was too bad, I don't want to give a false sense of hope, it is hilly and you defiantly are not going to get a PB on that course. I think the key to Wimbleball is to sit back, enjoy the ride, let all the unwise sprint off, they will come back to you on lap two because they have caned lap one too hard.

    You can view the lap here if you like. My biggest concern was coming down hill, there is a nasty sharp left turn at the bottom of one steep downhill. I defiantly would like to improve my confidence on the downhills before race day.

    That said I too would like to concentrate my training in the next couple of months, I have found some books on amazon;

    The Perfect Distance: Training for Long-course Triathlons

    Ironman 70.3: Training for the Middle Distance

    I would like general advice and ideally a training plan of some sort. Do these cover that, or can you recommend something else?

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