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cheap bike mods

i've got my first duathlon coming up in a couple of weeks, and my only bike at the mo is a kona dew hybrid i bought on cycle to work for commuting.

since money is a bit tight, and its a few months before i can get another bike through cycle to work, i was wondering what changes (if any) i could make to the bike just to make life a bit easier. once i catch the bug, i can get a new bike.

spec is here......




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    gunforhiregunforhire Posts: 457
    Nothing wrong with that.

    You might want to consider some lower profile tyres. 700x23.

    You should be able to get something like this from eBay. £16 a pair. I'm getting a pair for training. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250380878374

    Also, if you're not using clipless pedals, some toe-clips will help.

    If you're feeling flash you could get some tri bars or even bar ends to help get a more aero position.

    Most importantly... just get out there and enjoy it![;)]

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    bobraynerbobrayner Posts: 27
    Almost all the weight & drag of the bike + rider combination is due to the rider, not the mechanical stuff underneath the rider.

    So I would suggest the best starting-point is to look at ways of improving your position/posture...?

    Can you flip the stem over to lower your bars? That's free. Perhaps you could take out spacers too.

    Maybe buy something like this?


    (I started out in the early 1990s with the same thing from the same manufacturer, it was cheap but it got the job done, they've updated it somewhat since then)

    Also, put on some nice smooth slick tyres, and pump them up hard...?
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    bobraynerbobrayner Posts: 27
    Argh. Serves me right for getting a cuppa mid-post. gunforhire got there first, and put it more eloquently. Sorry [8D]
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    BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    My road bike was pinched just before one of my events last year. I did the race on my MTB (suspension fork and all), with cheap slick tyres, and just tried to remember to sit low and tuck my elbows in and did surprisingly well.


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    how do,

    yes all good advice above, sit compact, try to get cages for your trainers so you can pedal up as well as down, lycra to reduce drag ( black is the fastest )

    my advice would be to keep your cadence at around 90 (pedel revolutions per min) its the most economical and eat plenty of soreen before hand, get some fuel in the engine!!!

    other than that the bike looks good to me, to be honest it can go on forever, tri bars ect... set a budget and go for it.

    Good luck fella
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    thanks for all the responses

    i neglected to mention i did add some bar ends a couple of weeks ago, they did make a good bit of an improvment.

    as for they tyres -anyone got any similar experiences? how much difference would say a 23 be to a 28? and would a wheel which was fitted with a 35 be able to hold a 23 without too many issues?

    and yes, the lycra is black [;)]

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    sorry..........current tyre is 700x37
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