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How did that happen?

Get it checked out professionally and take their advice on whether you race on Sunday.

Its still early in the race season... One missed race and a proper recovery might make all the difference for the rest of the year. Race Sunday and make it worse... you could be out long term.


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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Get to the DOCS ASAP!" As Dave said its still early and sometimes things get better quickly with tablets and rest!

    Hope it heals soon.
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    So here it is - my first injury of the season, but how did it happen?

    I woke up this morning with a sore, swollen achilles which has made walking unpleasant and cycling impossible. But I'm confused because I haven't been running since Sunday and I'm also a little concerned because I'm racing this coming Sunday - what are my chances of recovering in time?

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    iangriffiangriff Posts: 48
    Best advice i can give is if it's doesn't feel good don't risk it.

    My Achilles was iffy before a race and i raced, result 9 months of achilles nightmare and still isn't 100%

    Over the past year i've had ultrasound interferential treatment all was not much cop but cost £100's.

    Visited a good sports physio at Bath Uni who recommended the following and so far has produced best results.

    1. Ibuprofen Gel massage into the area could help reduce inflamation.

    2 Massage with ice. freeze some water in a yoghurt cartoon remove ice block when ready and gently massage over achilles 5-10 mins, try and repeat a couple of times in the day.

    3. If it causes no pain stretch calves and hamstrings.

    4. calve stretch and calve raise in a slow teady movement. check out this web page about eccentric training details are about half way down.

    If possible though i would recommend visiting a sports physio rather than your doc/gp.

    All the best.

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