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What to wear for 70.3?

Hi all, am hoping for a bit of advice on this one! My husband and I are doing a 70.3 in the summer and have looked at the endurance ranges from orca/2xu etc, I reckon I might be ok with these, but he is a bit worried about the "padding" down below....do people change clothing and put on cycling and running shorts for the different bits of 70.3, or just stick with the does-all tri outfit? I guess its a personnal preference, but any advice welcomed!


  • clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    Hi not much further, im doing im doing my first one this year and im going to be doing it in tri shorts, the reason being extra padding like the stuff you get in specific cycling shorts gets too soggy during the swim.

    Im training, well will be when my bike comes and im fit to ride it, in my shorts so my little behind gets used to it!
  • yes, the long distance stuff didnt look massively padded compared to the "normal" tri gear. I suspect he may go for the changing option! Thanks guys!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    As a slight aside regarding the padding,the amount of padding,either less or more will affect your distance to the pedals so less padding may require you to drop your saddle by a couple a mm's to maintain a good bike fit.over a sprint distance the adjustment will not matter but middle and long distance races failure to adjust may affect your bike ride.

    Which 70.3 race ??
  • good point about the saddle height - yet another thing I hadn't thought of - have booked for bike fit with LBS in couple of weeks so must discuss that! We are going for the Vineman in California, and possibly stupidly given the hills, Monaco. Just aiming to finish....and enjoy the experience!
  • j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
    not much further - If you are considering the Monaco race you may want to reserve your hotel sooner rather than later if you are on a budget! I booked my hotel about a fortnight ago and struggled with local hotels. I do appreciate Monaco is not the cheapest place in the world but there normally are a varied choice of hotels but the real cheap ones were booking up fast.
  • yes, we have given up on hotel choices within walking distance of the start as only really expensive ones left - have now booked one outside of Monaco and will drive in for the race (according to the race organisers parking isn't a problem - so here's hoping it isnt!). Is this your first 70.3?
  • j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
    Yes it will be my first 70.3, so am slightly apprehensive about the whole thing.
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