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Injuries and training

Well I am not sure if it's me but when us triatheltes get a minor injury (pulled hamstring) we continue to train and don't let them recover correctly. I injured myself running about 6 weeks ago, while I stopped running for 3 weeks I was still putting the milage in on the bike and the pool . I was going to the physio twice a week to aid recovery, but not running was driving me mad and when he said try running again I went for it big time (big mistake) I went for a 10 k run increasing in speed and ended up doing under 50 minutes even thou I only started off doing the first 5 k in half an hour. As you may have guessed I have put myself back again, but my mind wants to continue training (ie running) but my hamstring tells me take it steady .

What is it with us guys and girls that we never do anything by half, I am off warm weather training in 3 weeks and worried that I will be carrying this injury when I get out there. But don't wont to turn up out there unfit as I will be training 3 times a day for 10 days

Your thought's and personnal experience would help
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