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why do woman always look better than bloke in there kit

Because if you thought men looked better then you would be a homosexual?

Im sure homosexuals think men look better in tri kits.

To be honest i think women look good in anything.


  • pacman2102pacman2102 Posts: 247
    Why do woman always look better in tri kit than us blokes, when you see a bloke in a tri suit there tends to bumps in more place than the woman and not in the right places.

    Or is this a blokes point of view

    another thing I have always wondered as we blokes sweat look like a drown rat, why don't woman and always look like they have come right out of the sallon
  • pacman2102pacman2102 Posts: 247
    or even better nothing .

    But why don't woman sweat

  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595

    Because they don't try.

    *ducks* [:-]
  • pacman2102pacman2102 Posts: 247
    I think that is unfair as some woman are better than us bloke , I got bet by a female last season . Got to admit it was jodie swallow, but it was good thing to aim for in the race as we were neck and neck most of the course and was a pleasure to follow around and a good moviation to chase
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Women perspire and men sweat apparently!

    The thing with men in Tri suits is that lets face it for us its for speed.

    Women will always look better in tri suits and men wear they to the Blue oyster club (police academy 1) if there not for Triathlon.

  • pacman2102pacman2102 Posts: 247
    I had forgotten about the film, but you are right there isn't many other reason why us guys would wear a tri suit apart from racing. As it not the most flattering of garments
  • JessterJesster Posts: 482
    Don't believe a word of it, I sweat more than any person I know. A lot of girls really don't sweat too much, its true, I do reckon its because theyre not putting a whole load of effort in. Must be!

    And women might look better to you guys, i'd much rather be looking at a man's butt as he cycles past me.....
  • CPT333CPT333 Posts: 56
    I'm like you Jesster, I sweat like a horse! Even my ears sweat which makes my earphones fall out when I'm running-a real pain....

  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    Why do women look better?

    Because your straight!

  • WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    I'm glad women look better. And also glad they normal start before men in waves. Sometimes it's worthwhile just sitting in and enjoying the view!!!

    Seperate thought - but do people reckon others look better in cycle helmets than they do?!?! I swear I look ridiculous in mine (and no - not like the bloke with his aero helmet on back to front), but swear most other cyclists look 'cool' in theirs! [image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m12.gif[/image]
  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    Why do woman always look better in tri kit than us blokes

    1. Boobs.

    2. Hips.

    3. Willy's are ugly.
  • MowfMowf Posts: 272
    garyroberts wrote:
    Why do woman always look better in tri kit than us blokes

    1. Boobs.

    2. Hips.

    3. Willy's are ugly.

    Best and most concise answer to ever grace this forum. Nice work!
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