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New shoooooes

I've now got new clipless shoes / pedals, hurrah. Spent 45 minutes in the drive way putting on, taking off, starting, stopping etc...

Here's myscores:

Complete falls --> 3

Near falls but was able to latch on to wall, column, car --> 4

Injuries --> both wrists a bit sore, grazes on palms and one elbow.

Am I ready?

Any tips?


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    CPT333CPT333 Posts: 56
    Wow thats pretty impressive. My first time i managed 26 miles of a 27 mile loop without falling off once! However the last mile was rather unimpressive due to a steep hill and wrong gear selection which resulted in me laying on a bank at the side of the road trying to figure out 1. how to look cool even with a bike clipped to me that i couldnt get out of and 2. why it is so much harder to get out of the clips when horizontal!

    Dont worry it comes real quick. You only need to unclip when you are stopping so just relax and youll be fine, Its only when you panic that they just dont seem to come out.Also most pedals have adjustments so you can loosen them to make it easier to get in and out until you are used to it.

    Keep up the good work, You will be amazed at the difference when you get to the hills!

    Hope this helps
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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    i feel for you scibby,

    are the clips too tight? Do you find it really hard to clip out because its actually hard or because you're not used to the ankle rotation? I don't want to speak too soon but so far i've been lucky enough to stay upright, but when i got the clipless pedals the first thing i did was adjust them so they were easy to clip out of.

    Just a thought?

    Good luck
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    al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    unclip one foot before you come to a complete stop - this gives you a few extra vital seconds to compose yourself and master that unclipping.
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    Don't worry too much, if at all. We've all been there.

    I got my clipless pedal and shoes from Santa. Spent ages in the garage getting used to clip in and out of them. Then first decent break in the weather I went for a spin in my new shoes..... didn't even get out my pathway before I fell on my side.....I was really embarrased.

    Then on my first tri I fell again just as I left transition. Much to the amusement of everyone around me.

    Suffice to say its not put me off and its just a matter of grinning and bearing it, then learning.

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    ScibbyScibby Posts: 55
    Yeah... I think I will untighten the pedals a bit just to give me more confidence. I've also got pretty weak ankles and just hate that movement.

    Must point out thought that I was only starting and stopping (not doing a 27 miler - that's easy!!!) hence the high scores... I read somewhere that you need to do something 28 (or was it 56? 102?) times before it becomes a permanent habit so was looking to get a head start before hitting road and traffic...

    Happy days!!!
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    ScibbyScibby Posts: 55
    Ooooh also noticed I'm finally off the "new member" level and now a "starting member" so definitley worth it...
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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    I definately agree with loosening the clips, i had no end of trouble with mine until i did that. Now i find it almost easy (except when i have to make an emergency stop) to get in and out of the pedals. I still have the occasional panic that my feet won't come out, but i have also loosened one pedal more than the other - so if i need it i have one which should just slide out nice and easy. not sure if that makes me a genius or a moron, but wither way it seems to have worked. PS,I wish i had of tested out the getting in and out a few more times before i hit the road with them.
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    jacjac Posts: 452
    Testing them out in the privacy of your own drive is perfect.

    When I first got mine I fell over at a junction with cars behind, in front and to the side. Felt an idiot, but it taught me a few lessons.

    Find out which leg you're comfortable leaning on and clip out that foot in advance of a junction or a stop. Watch for cambers in the road, though, and always put your weight onto the side you've unclipped. I once unclipped my left - only to fall on my right because the road lent to the right!

    Practice makes perfect.
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    iangriffiangriff Posts: 48
    Reading jac's comment about watching out for cambers in the road reminded me of when I unclipped in traffic going down a steep hill. My road shoes, probably like most have no grip on the soles hence when my foot went down it just wanted to slide on down the hill luckily i managed to stop but it did cause a raise in HR.

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    gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    yup we've all been there scibby! i did lots on my turbo, then went out on the road, i just managed to unclip one leg and fall over at traffic lights, then later i got to a roundabout and there was a learner who was hesitating so i stopped and fell over with both legs still attached and irate drivers beeping at me - the shame! now its fine! what sort of cleats have you got? my look clipless came with the grey cleats (7o float???), i wore them down and bought a pair of the black cleats (no float) and they popped in and out much easier! any pics of your new shoes and pedals? kind of like the bike porn thread!
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    ScibbyScibby Posts: 55
    erm re float no float... I don't actually know what you're talking about... ooops. They're shimano pedals, fairly cheap and basic, cleats have got some horrible yellow bits (don't match shoes!)

    anyhow, after a bit more practice I did actually go on road yesterday, and no incidents to report! So practicing and loosening cleats defo helped!
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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    I have those cleats and I think they are the ones with a bit of float. I agree, they are ugly and don't match my choses, bike or any of my riding kit...which is almost all coordinated (in red, black/carbon and some white)
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