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Open Water Swimming

Hey everyone,

I'm interested in open water swimming. I used to swim competetively when I was younger but stopped as a teenager. Have spent the last year getting back into swimming and I am a keen swimmer and have been trying to find out more about open water swimming in Scotland....yes i know it's freezing up here! There seems to be little info on the net. Does anyone know how I can get into open water swimming, where, events etc. I'd be willing to travel.



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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I don't really have that much experience... but.. do you have a local Tri club? One of the things that they should do is open water swimming training. For example, my local club has an arrangement with a boating club to use their lake (in the summer! - I'm in Yorkshire, not quite as far North as you, but enough for it to be a bit too cold in winter) for open water swimming. And you can go with a group, which is obviously better from a safety point of view.

    So, my advice, find a tri club, and they've probably already solved the problem of where/when to go, near where you are. Of course, if you don't have a club nearby... (in my experience, swimming clubs seem to be more focused on pool swimming).
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