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Technical bike question? Help please

Alright All,

I am looking at getting some new wheels for my Orbea bike. I am in a simliar situation to many -new bike or upgrade. I have decided to upgrade for the rest of the year and figure that at the very least I will always build up a good stock of quality spares until I have enough money at some point to buy a new bike. Anyway..

[8|] The new wheels i am looking at (Mavic cosmic elite/Ritchey WCS protocol and Reynolds solitude) all seem to "say Campagnolo is 10 speed compatible. Shimano is compatible with 9 and 10 speed".

What exactly does this mean?? I am not the best with bike tech stuff! Thanks


  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Hi Lowther,

    My understanding is that the hub on the rear wheel will either be compag or shimano compatable - meaning the cassette (rear cogs) you would put on.

    The 2 manufacturers obviously make their kit slightly differently - compag tend to have tighter tolerances hence theirs is only compatable with 10 speed while shimano will take 9 or 10.

    I've always found it best to stick with one brand for all your components.

    Not sure this answers your question!

  • lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    yeah that does thanks Samutri. Think i was being a bit dense as sort of sussed it out after i posted it! Everything on my bike is Campag so i will stick with that. Cheers
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