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Barcelona Tri

I have entered the Barcelona Triathlon in October it will be my first race in Europe. Does any one have any advice on the best travel arrangements regarding getting my bike over there air, line policies on bikes and other information about travelling with a bike. Thanks


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    clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270

    Im going to a training place in france then doing a race in antwerp this year so looked into this a little. I originally thought of using a bike bag but apparently they offer nothing by way of protection from the devil baggage handlers!

    You can buy a bike box for 120 or hire on for 45 quid a week for triuk.com Im probably gonna buy one just easier.

    With regards to travel it will cost you extra to book the bike on but make sure you can as some airlines will only allow a limited amount of each filght. Easyjet etc charge about £50 per bike. In europe you shouldnt have to pay anything extra but some airlines the other end will charge you extra to get back.

    Also airlines will only payout up to £1000 for damaged items so if its worth more take out seperate insurance
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