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What should be written in methodology part of dissertation?

The methodology section should contain all of the steps you used to collect your data, invariably called as [url=http://www.dissertation-help.co.uk/methodology_dissertation.htm]research methods for dissertation[/url]. Should provide enough detail so someone could replicate the process exactly.

For [url=http://www.dissertation-help.co.uk/methodology_dissertation.htm]writing dissertation methodology[/url], you have to choose appropriate methods for dissertation. Some of the [url=http://www.dissertation-help.co.uk/methodology_dissertation.htm]dissertation methods[/url] you can use are as follows:

• Action dissertation research method (people try to improve their strategies in order to find the solution of the problem);

• Classification dissertation research method (people recognize the object, try to understand and to differentiate them);

• Experience dissertation research method (people try to find the solution of the problem being guided by their intuition and experience);

• Experimental dissertation research method (people test their hypothesis by taking a practical test);

• Participant observation (people observe the actions and the reactions of some individuals or group of people);

• Statistical analysis (people collect the data, analyze it and explain it).

Make a list of all the disadvantages of the other [url=http://www.dissertation-help.co.uk/methodology_dissertation.htm]methods for dissertation[/url] compared to the one you have chosen and then write down why you chose your method over those ones. e.g. chose snowball sampling because it allowed me to gather information quickly whereas if I had used strata sampling it would have been more time consuming.


  • Hi Susan,

    wow... a dissertation on Methodology,

    I think what you've stated above is a good base, but a little contrived, you seem content to simply describe difference types of methods...

    I think the first thing you should consider is not the obvious implication on straight method as defined by "a particular procedure or set of procedures" but more the detailed concept of "the analysis of the principles of methods, rules, and postulates employed by a discipline". Although both descriptions sound similar, the first only goes to explain the noun "Method" not the what your dissertation should really try and get to the bottom of: the explanation of the rationale and the philosophical assumptions that underlie a particular study relative to the scientific method.

    That's my couple of pennies worth..

    Best of luck with your degree.


    BTW I can sell you a paper if you like :)

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    Being able to write in decent English helps, too. Now please be so kind as to fuck off back to the hole from whence you came. My sincere thanks in advance.
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    Surely the key to a good dissertation is to drink beer non stop until four days before you have to hand it in, then spend 96 hours banging out any old bullshit you can come up with, in a state of blind panic?

    If you think going 96 hours without sleep may be a problem, I know a man who can sell you some Red Bull.
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    I like to use a acronym when helping with dissertations......








    hope this helps.........

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    Some very strong posts there then!

    In short pleasse dont use our forum for anuthing other than BIKE porn, Carbon enlightenment, Porridge recipies, dating help in triathlon, kit selection and most importantly Triathlon training and advice.

    Now please take on board both MOWF and MG's comments and leave us alone.

    Yours hoping never to be bothered with this again as its not our bag

    Blinkybaz the lord of dissertation haters!!!!!
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