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HRM, stop watch to fit

I can't be the ony one who finds the majoity of HRM watches too big for my wrist and as much as I love my Garmin 301 it is a bit like having a brick on your arm and it doesn't do water - don't want HR in water just don't want to be faffing around in T1 with something else, and yes I know I don't need to compete with a HRM but not sure I'd get past the HAT tax having 2 seperate things[;)] and yes I know the organisers time you but I'm the horribly anally retentive type who just loves pouring over the read out after doing something

so ideas please


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    The missus has a polar device that is, because it is pink, aimed at women. However, they tend to have relatively limited features. So, as someone actually racing, with a training plan etc. etc. (rather than just counting calories), you would probably find these waste of time.

    Before my Garmin 405, which is not quite as bulky as the 305, I had a timex ironman GPS thing. The receiver is worn round the upper arm. This is even more annoying than the big wrist watch.

    I guess it is another case of not catering for women. You can have a girly pink one with limited functions for that small female brain that the designers assume you have, or one with the functions that you need but you have to lug in a cart behind you.

    For the record, I have quite narrow wrists - about 16.5cm in circumference (described as "weedy", by one friend), and the 405 is a bit bulky for me - doesn't fit that snugly - but quite bearable during running. And the features are worth a bit of discomfort!
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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    polar f11, quality.
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    sunnto tc3, all the pods, now thats cheaper and also quality, light weight watch
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