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Inaugral Tregaron Tri

Entrants - 1 ME [:D]

Tired of the comments about age (44) and dubious abilities from off spring and other half do decided to do whole thing today as a pre Cardiff (2 weeks off) oh my god why am I doing this - 9 weeksa go 400m swim 15 mins, bike 20k 1 hour 20 mins and 5k run 41 mins all done seperately so dread to think what times would have been all together - plot was sub 2 hrs 15 yes I know shouldn't be allowed near a triathlon with such aspirations but [:-]

Things I learnt today

[ol][*]talc is brilliant for getting on shoes BUT decanting half of it in sock results in boulders during bike resulting in having to take off socks in T2 to remove boulders pre run[8|]

[*]elastic laces are great as are my new all colours of the rainbow nike socks though they're somewhat paler now due to point 1

[*]I can swallow and not spit or gag on High5 energy gel as long as I dring water at same time[:'(]

[*]the 1st km of the bike and the run are the worst places I've ever been[&:] but it gets better

[*]having to lock my precious bike in the car for T1 and T2 makes it slow[:D]

[*]even when only you and no one to see you can push it sufficiently to be dry retching by the end[:'(]

[*]going back into the poolo to pick up change does wonders for the ego whe the teenagelifeguards tell you that yor tri time was awesome[:D][/ol]

Oh yes did I forget time 1 hour 44 mins and 44 secs

swim 12 mins 44 secs

bike 54 mins 4 secs

run 31 mins and 35 secs

Cardiff here I come[;)]


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    So.. 30 minutes faster than your expectations! Way to go - take a bow, or two. Very well done. Now.. for the next 30 minutes... You're over the crest, fitness wise, so those cycling and running times will come tumbling down.

    Those offspring will be eating their words. And be sooo proud of their mum!
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