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running clubs

its now offical I've lost my marbles - decided that in order to improve my run I need to start running with other people so toddled off to the local running club - OH MY - very enjoyable I think - but I am never complaining on a run again - intervals up a hill not a little hill but a sort of big,scrambly up one - I was very lucky I was adopted and didn't have to get to the top of said hill just as far as Owen who managed 2 repeats to my 1 to our particular spot on the hill - oh did I forget to mention Sean is 10 [:)]

all very friendly and apparently they do a girlie night on Mondays rather than the hard core bunch I landed up with they don't do intervals up Aberystwyth consitution hill - then again my competitive side now wants to get to the top of the damn thing without looking like I'm about to die and in front of Sean[:D]

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