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saddle post adjustment HELP

[:@] first may I apologise to the girls - I fell for the 'me tarzan you Jane' take from other half regarding the adjustment of the height of my seat having realised that needed to go up having seen the photo from last w/end - so up it went by 5cm - now being told that some extra tape had been applied should have been a clue!!!

Today off on a 2 hour ride to see if could hit 40k, loads better with a higher seat including staying on drops for most downhills and a few ups - nb only 6th time on my RB - by end my knees where hitting my nose as the seat had descended[:@][:@] Now the perpertrator has cleverly buggerd off to Egypt diving so I can't insert the CO2 cannister where I'd like to[:(].

So had a read of son's bike book and had a go at amending the issue - bike Giant OCR - the clamp doesn't seem to be clamping on and pops off if over tightened (hence the tape I guess), rubber ring on top doing not a lot to my uneducated eye - so any ideas? Want to train and have vision of having a knee permanetly lodged up my nose - LBS 50+ mile round trip and seriously into MTBs and would like some ideas before I show up my ignorance there[:D]

On the up side rode the longest I ever have, for the furthest, hardly touched the brakes (major improvement) and would not recommend speed of 40kph downhill, round corner on a road covered in cow poo[:'(] - stayed on though


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    jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    On my Giant (SCR 1.5) the rubber ring is just a seal to stop water getting down inside the seat tube. The seat clamp supplied with my bike was rather poor and fell apart after a couple of months, it would be a good idea to take it off and check that the bolt thread is good, that it is not bent etc. and if necessary replace it (I got a new one from halfords for under £3). It shouldn't need tape to hold it on, so check that the top of the seat tube is not bent inwards - if it is it would probably be a good idea to get this fixed.

    I had problems with the seat post slipping initally as I was too afraid of crushing the carbon post and was under tightening it, I'd recommend investing in a torque wrench for doing these up, (£30 for a 5-25 Nm one from screwfix), now I can do the clamp up to 7 Nm (max advised 8 Nm). If it still pops of then try either a few turns of PTFE tape or a little double sided sticky tape a la Blue Peter.

    Hope this helps you.
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    moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    I was so hoping that that migt be an option [:D][:D]
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