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Research Paper Help To Make An Outline For The Topic: Organ Donors…[/b] I was writing a research paper on organ donors/transplant. I had quite a few books before me and some notes. I didn’t know how to put the research paper together. I needed professional [url=http://www.educationalwriting.net/research_paper.htm]research paper help[/url] to write an outline of my paper. If somebody could please [url=http://www.educationalwriting.net/research_paper.htm]help writing research paper[/url] ‘s outline I can write my research paper over. So I posted this question at Yahoo Answers, and got quite some great [url=http://www.educationalwriting.net/research_paper.htm]research papers help[/url]. Here’s what one of the answerer response and I really liked it: 1) Introduction (state your thesis statement- something like "organ transplants are an important tool for medical cure today and the use of them will boost by this much.... there are major concerns with organ donation such as... and precise solutions.... and a future for them 2) History of Organ Transplants (when it started; major milestones) 3) Current Practices in Organ Transplants (how it's done) 4) Info and Stats on Organ Donations & Donors (what organs are donated, by whom, under what conditions 5) Problems with Organ Transplants and Organ Donations 6) Solutions for Those Problems 7) The Future of Organ Transplants and Organ Donations 8 ) Conclusion 9) Citations/Bibliography


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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    It would appear that a member of the 220 anti spam brigade has donated a brain.
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I thought she said carbon donors first!?

    nothing like it though. Bugger;
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