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What do you do when it gets Hard ? Training that is ?

dear all, love the forum nd all the help that is around so I lay my problems open to the forum

Completed first sprint Arundel couple of weeks ago, 400/20/5 results it 8.50/40.09/38.30 but really for me it was about doing it and finishing. Have signed up for South coast 15th august 750open/20/5 and also brightonmarina 1000open/32/8 looking forward to both of them.

Heres the thing, I am a fat bastXXd 16 stone 8 even though I have been training for 4 months or so but I am a whole heap fitter and happier, but I still really struggle on the running side, Never was going to be fast, but I dragged my sorry arse out pavement bashing last night , 4.2k in 36 minutes and I felt so tired , unfit, i had to keep stopping. Now I know that you have those nights but my level of fitness has increased , I love the bike ( new shiny Argon 18 coming ) and really enjoy the swim 1000m this lunch at 23minutes and at the moment I am happy with this.

Yet I run like I have never done any running in my life, does this get better if I put as much time in as the bike and run, I know its a silly question but its the thing that makes my head drop .

Current training based on

Tues 1000m swim lunchtime ,1 hour spinning PM


Thursday personal trainer , core and strength 1 hour

Friday, swim

Saturday, Run Gym, Long Bike between 18 and 40 miles

Sunday , Sailing , or bike

And I try to fit in a job , children, television, toilet etc

( i have noticed theres not much focus on running above )

Have I mentioned the new bike

Any help or should I just take my sorry arse out more often with trainers on not cycling shoes ?


  • hahaha i love the retroactive fix in the title.

    How are you running? like a flat run for however far you gotto go or do you do intervals or fartleg?

    I hated running, but now that i do fartleg i love it and have seen the most improvements in both speed and endurance...

  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    how far do you normally run? is the 4.2k normal? I would suggest that you throw in a run instead of the gym on saturday or after the bike on sunday, and anything upto about 10k (for a sprint). The main thing is to get the distance into your legs so that the 5k feels like a quite short run, then once you have the base, build speed more agressively with intervals, fartlek, hill sessions etc.
  • Hey thanks for response yet again the forum is open for business

    Well my running style just head down and plodding , no structure , no increase, saying that after my last spinning class before Sprint, got off the bike and on the running machine and apart from one stop pushed out a 6k

    without feeling like I am giving birth , which when you are a fat bloke is not a nice feeling

    Never really stuctured my running as I find most of it differcult , can you explain how your fartleg works
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    fartlek is basically randomly running fast for parts of the run, eg, for 3 lamposts, or to the next side road, then dropping back to your steady pace. It is good, and you can vary it quite easily/up the intensity speed etc
  • gavinrigg06gavinrigg06 Posts: 176
    Hey TMG, I can totaly sympathise with you - I hit the dizzy heights of 19.5 stone when I started training (july 08), it took 7months and got down to 14.5 stone, still about 1 to go though to race weight (am 6' 2" tall)

    When I started out I could only manage 10mins on a treadmill at 7mph, now I generally train at the 10k distance in around 46mins.

    The advice I can offer is just keep on going, it does get easier and faster, slowly but surely.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Ahhhh....... Running questions! I love it1

    So you are over you ideal weight and slow! Yes me thinks is the answer there!

    The thing with running is some people will never be quick due to running style and make up!

    To increase your speed stamina and performance you need to take small chunks out of PB's, dont go out and just run and run if you feel bad. Injury happens with that appraoch.

    Give yourself a target say 6 k in 30 mins. Now that is acheivable but quicker than you at present yeah? So now set a time scale, a month should do it. Now forget the 6 k and work on you. lose the stop watch and just run. Go out tonight and run till you feel you cant go on. stop for 3 mins recover and jog home slowly. Now repeat after a day of something else swimming or biiking. Keep going and soon it will be come eaiser to get to the point where you had to stop last time. When it becomes the caes that you are able to run to that point and home (still not killing yourself) then change the point in which you turn for home to further away. After a while you will looking to run home quicker than you ran out1 Then hay presto you are running well. Then up the distance and ...............
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
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  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Look (rightwing comment alert) there comes a time when beginners have to face up to the fact that the novelty wears off and you just have to get out there and go through the pain and discomfort in order to get better
  • well what can i say but thank you all of the answers hold much merit and wise words,

    You are all right , fat boy has got to lose some pounds which I already knew, but thank you all for your time in responding its made me think , laugh and even more determined

    had a good day on training today with a 1k swim and 20mile bike but I think one comment which is very true is treefrogs , its about hard work and I am sure you have all been there

    see you all out there , tummy must go


    arundel tri - Done

    Seaford august - paid up and working towards

    Brighton marina september - paid up and working towards ( anyoneknow about this one? )
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    treefrog wrote:
    rightwing comment alert

    Hardline? Totalitarian? Yes. Right wing. No.

    You're more "Let’s work, and build and never whine" than "Strength through Joy".

    Have a rummage through this site for some more TreeFrogian inspiration.

    Let’s work, and build and never whine –

    The way to new life has been shown:

    You’re not obliged to be an athlete,

    But sports are what you should be doing.

  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Froggers, to be fair to the OP, he seems to be doing a fair bit of training, but his running training is not particularly focussed.

    What's worked wonders for me is going along to a coached track session. If there's one in your area (tri club, running club etc) then give it a go.
  • RockmonkeyRockmonkey Posts: 14
    TMG thanks for putting this thread up.

    Like you I really struggle with running and was going to put a similar post on. Thanks everyone for the great ideas & support [:)]
  • md6 wrote:

    fartlek is basically randomly running fast for parts of the run, eg, for 3 lamposts, or to the next side road, then dropping back to your steady pace. It is good, and you can vary it quite easily/up the intensity speed etc

    Crap...is it fartlek?

    ...no wonder noone replied to my thread last time...

  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    yeah, it's sweedish and means 'speed play'. kind of sums it up really. What was your other thread?
  • http://forum.220magazine.com/tm.asp?m=38897&mpage=1&key=? - fartleg running...how embaressing
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    ahh, not sure which is 'best' for a 10k, but i would look to gdo a fartlek session for about 10k then, follow up with a lSR run of about 10 miles the following day. for a 10k, that would help you feel strong in the last k and fast over the whole course. For 10k i tend to do progression runs, which basically you start off just below your usual pace, then every k up the pace by 20 seconds or so until the last k you are at full pace (above race pace) it helps you with the RPE and pacing.
  • thanks md6 :D

    I was doing it as per the instructions but i cant run fast for 4 minutes without dying...just got myself up to 8 sets of 1 minute sprints...

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