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fat man floating

Well had my first open water swim in the sea with an accomplished open water swimmer last night, in what can only be described as “ A heavy swell” went in at Sea Lane café Goring west Sussex and swam to the sailing club 750m and back (well under half way back so about another 400m)

Here are my thoughts.

Oh my god

This is great

Is that a dead body?

I think I just saw a seal

God this is hard

These wetsuits are great

God I need a pee,

I Wish I could breathe both sides

Has that kite surfer seen me ?

I ‘m lost where am I why am I swimming up the beach

God that pee was nice

This is fun

This is really hard

I got cramp ...

Well I really enjoyed it, it’s really hard in swell you get bashed around quite allot, I drunk quite a lot of it and against the current and waves it’s pretty difficult.

But I have conquered my doubts about whether I could do an open water swim


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I Wish I could breathe both sides
    Yeah! bilateral breathing is easy - once from the top side of the surface.. once from the under side of the surface.... at least, I think that's right.

    Good stuff though!
  • stratoTomstratoTom Posts: 36
    I live about 2 minutes from the Sea Lane Cafe (top place it is).

    Went for a run yesterday along the sea, and given the number of kite/windsurfers out there, you must have been pretty driven to go out! Also, is that 750m from the cafe to the sailing club? Because the swim for the Worthing Tri (OD) is from the jetski/boat ramp to the cafe and back, which is significantly shorter than going all the way to the club, but presumably still 1.5k?
  • driven no ....Stupid and keen !.

    Just really wanted to get out and go for my first open water , got down there and thought oh looks a bit rough

    So we went in just to the left of the kites and swam to the sailing club slipway, I said 750m as a guess I will be delighted if its more than that.

    Was bloody hard on the way back got out half way and walked back.

    I am really interested in doing the worthing OD but my running is so bad , I am struggling running 5k at the moment. I have signed in for seaford 750/20/5 the day before hand, I think if i feel I can do the OD distance I would do worthing as its my home town
  • BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    Sea Lane Cafe - I'll have to check it out - also doing the Worthing OD this year. I'm based in Brighton, generally get my OW practice swimming from West Pier to Brighton pier and back again. In fact - that's where I'm off to right now!

    Anyone else doing Worthing?


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