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Brand new broken tiagra

Turn the bike unpside down.

Remove the chain. ( it will be supertight but it will come off.)

Change the gears down and spin the wheels

And now put the chain back on.

let me know if it works before you go out again.


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    Hi all,

    Yesterday I picked up my shiny shiny brand new giant scr 1.5 road bike! Rode it home very gently and decided to go for a spin today.

    Completely new to road bikes so was still working out the gears, went to change front deraillier down at traffic lights and it wouldn't change, so pulled over and had a play and it still wouldn't change down. The indicator is stuck way over to the left.

    Got home (was only about half a mile from home anyway [:(]) and had a good ol' play changing rear gears to see if I could free front mech, but I can't. The front mech cable is supertight as well, don't want to force anything as I don't know what I'm doing!

    I'm sure this must be some kind of schoolboy error that I'm making/have made - but I've ridden less than two miles on this bike and can't believe it's buggered already! I bought it on the internet (yes, yes, I know - but it was a bargain - so I can't take it to LBS, at least not yet...)

    Any help or advice most welcome - like I say I am totally new to road bikes so please point out the bloomin obvious as I'm a muppet!
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    Yes it worked!! Couple of good clunks from the front mech and it was back in business. Took it up and down road to check and yep it all changes - a bit clunky but then that's new bikes IMHO!!

    Thank you! From one jelly to another, thank you!!! I had visions of having to buy a new set of levers - roughly 1/2 what I paid for the bike!

    Any idea WHY it happened? Above proceedure albeit effective might slow me down even more in a tri...[;)]

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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    yes basiclly the chain is to tight.

    And as you changed gear you probably moved the front cog to the big and the rear small cog, to its smallest.

    Because the chain is so tight it stretch it and it got stuck.

    You might want to take it into your local shop and get them to add a link, it wont cost much.

    If you dont it will happen again for sure.

    I had this happen on a mountain bike, its a pain in the rearend.

    happy days at least it aint guna cost a fortune.
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