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those dreams before events....

yup i'm talking about the one's where you are at the event and everything goes wrong...or right if you're lucky [;)]

mine was last night...dreamt i was at the tri i'm doing this monday....somehow finished the swim and then once in t1...couldn't find my bike...anywhere...it just wasn't there....even more unnerving neither were any of my clothes or kit!! i woke up totally freaked out and then realised it was a dream...

i know others on the forum have had similar dreams...wanna share them????


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    MowfMowf Posts: 272
    I have one where i get half way around the bike leg and get told I didnt do the swim so I have to go back and start again.

    Conversley though, i also get great ones where i burn around the course like a phelps/boardman/kebele superhybrid.
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Mines a bit off the wall and frightening. So sit back here goes-

    I have done the swim in good time and am flying on the bike, its a fab sunny day and am looking cool with the shades on and nice shiny black and red tri suit on. I have been passing people and just really enjoying the event when I come up to a parked car. (now this bit always the same) I seem to hit the car but ploiugh right through. As I recover balance and begin to pedal off I turn to see all the other racers stopped looking down at the car. i turn back to see the damage and apologies when it becomes evident that it is me they are looking at in a heap on the floor covered in human insides. I normally wake up about then very slightly nervous.

    I seem to get this after a really hard training session on the bike that went well.

    So thats been about 3 times.
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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Jesus Christ Baz you need to cut down on the cheese or something!

    Terrified I'll have that dream now.
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    bloody hell baz!
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    diddsdidds Posts: 655
    blimey baz that's on a par with Mrs. Didds' dream about pigs, an abbatoir van, its driver and an accident...

    She became a vegetarian afterwards! Glad your dream didbn;lt stop you tri-ing.

    My dream the night before my foirst tri last September was that somebody in a Merc rear ended our car on the way to the race ... the bike was on a bike rack on the back cos the car was full of the whole family. Bike was totalled. This meant the race was dead in the water for me before I'd even arrived.

    But... THEN... in my dream the driver of the Merc took me to a trade stand at the race expo and bought me a brand new bike as a replacement (very red and shiney and FAST of course. The bike that is).



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    JessterJesster Posts: 482
    I have a recurring dream where the open water i'm expected to race in is all black muck and mud and how could i possibly swim in that??!!
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    But it will be.....even more so if you have not practiced beforehand...
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    I have this dream that i have just finished the swim and i need to hand in the little timer thing to the person at the gates, and its a little old granny. And for some reason i decide to get "it" out and get disqualified.
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    I had a dream last night of being in a running race that would never end. Bizarre.
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    WoolyWooly Posts: 63
    So glad others have these dreams, the missus was taking the p1ss about me last night. My dream was i was standing on the side of the pool ready to go with my number belt on already and they would let me get in the pool as i hadn't registered and the registration was now closed so i couldn't enter.

    Why does it sound even more stupid when you write it down!!!
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    clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    you lot are lucky!

    I just seem to grindor grit my teeth in my sleep the week before which results in terrible toothache leading up to the race! Same every race!
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