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GOOD LUCK to everyone doing London

I won't be there this year but really hope to join you all next year! Meanwhile GOOD LUCK ALL!! Have a blast!


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    WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    Weather forecast has changed from cloudy with light showers to cloudy and clear sky's today. Although still got some blustery wind conditions involved. If that drops off, it'll be a great weekend for racing!

    Good luck everyone! Enjoy the race![image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m9.gif[/image]
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    HarriHarri Posts: 40
    Hi everyone

    Best of luck to all competitors on Saturday and Sunday. Let's hope the rain stays away!

    It's my first OD, i'm feeling so excited and nervous!

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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Good luck to all today.

    Let us know the results[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m1.gif[/image]
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    Ummm I did the Saturday Sprint in the howling rain & wind. Coupled with a 750m open water fight it was hardly set up for good fast racing....but as I PB'd I'll stop moaning and say it was a good day after all.

    Not sure if I'll be back at London. The course is very technical in terms of tight turns etc in the bike & run legs that are quite disruptive and the slopes into & out of the Excel are a pain.

    As for the swim, was I put in a wave of pro boxers or something???
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    Harlow Yellow - I too did the Saturday sprint and was disappointed by the weather. It did make the tight turns in the cycle and run very difficult. No doubt if it had been dry it would have made it much easier and faster!

    Being my first I didn't know what to expect but I found the swim fairly 'boxing free' and I did really enjoy it overall.
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    Yeah I agree - the weather made the course far more technical than it would be normally.

    I was feeling very uneasy in the coned areas where it became tight whereas in the dry you wouldn't give it a second thought.

    It was the first event I've double swim capped and doing so saved my googles twice for sure.

    I got hit so hard on the head after 500m ish it had to be a closed fist punch rather than an accidental arm coming over the shoulder.

    More like a pub fight than a swim at times.[:@]
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    The coned areas were a nightmare!! The turning points on the cycle course were even worse! I may as well walked round I went so slow in fear of falling.

    I too double capped after reading about your goggles being ripped off! Good bit of advice that!

    If it helps, I got elbowed in the head which felt as though I was punched. The guy apologised though ;)
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    Geoff_BGeoff_B Posts: 12
    Swim was a nightmare, I had not really thought about treading water for masses of time before the start and as a result ended up with cramp about 500m into the swim. Could not settle into a rythmn as so many people and kept hitting someones feet of being hit round the head or tugged on the legs!!

    Bike was horrid, saw loads of people with punctures and walking back towards Excel, but again cant complain as managed to get a PB, 1hr 25m 32secs.

    Well done to everyone that competed in those conditions on Saturday. [:)]

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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    There seemed to be quite a lot of punctures while I was out as well, and one guy who had come off on one of the last bends before transition, in the area between the blue boarding - that whole section was a bit too narrow for comfort IMO.

    As the rain came on, the ramp back up to transition was also really slippery, and the turns were pretty tight, especially with the number of cyclists out on the course. The turn at the Western end I thought was really too sharp.

    Got round okay though, which is just as well, as I didn't bother with a kit and pump in favour of saving weight.
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    Well it was my first one, first ever triathlon and also did the sprint on Sat.

    I can't fault it. What a wicked day!

    Yeah the weather wasn't great, but in my opinion it didn't ruin anything. The swim was wicked, no probs with fighting thanks to a well chosen strategy, the bike course was loads of fun, just right balance of technical and open straights in my opinion.

    Run was good too. Especially liked the band!

    Now, I need to work on my transitions it would seem as they were slow (although seemless and trouble free).

    Very well organised event, will be back next year without hesitation. Can't decide whether to go Olympic distance or defend my title in the Sprint.

    Too much fun.

    Only comment is MAN! there are some miserable people, taking it too seriously out there.

    Isn't anyone having fun doing this?

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    HarriHarri Posts: 40
    I must say a big thank you to the lovely bloke who made me feel a lot happier just before the start of the swim where i was almost sick with nerves! No idea who he was but he really made a difference to my race and it was hugely appreciated. If you are on the site, i'm the girl who you gave a big hug to and said i'd be fine. And i was!

    I had a fantastic time on Sunday, did the OD for the first time in mixed cat and finished 2 hours 50 so no complaints at all. Bloody windy on the bike though and boy were there some nasty accidents.
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